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    Which is better? Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 November 2010

    Aiddon said: FFT, Matsuno's plots always gave them an edge (though he makes just about every game writer on the face of the earth look like an amateur). FE only actually got interesting narratives at FE4 (never played 3, so SHUT UP) and even then the execution was basic. Plus FE's perma-death system I always found to be more annoying than interesting Wow, you're serious about the...

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    How good is Dead Rising?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 November 2010

    It is an awesome game.  There are, however, design choices that are pretty far outside the cookie cutter guidelines of most games.  This has caused a great divide between those who love it, and those who hate it.  You won't really know for sure without trying it. Also, one major point: do not play and attempt to "beat" the game on your first playthrough.  This is one of the...

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    Overrated games .... are Overrated

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 November 2010

    Um, obvious troll is . . . obvious?...

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    Move 5th most wanted item this Xmas, Only 5% want kinect.

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 November 2010

    http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/vouchercodes.co.uk#VoucherCodes.co.uk Alexa demographics info:Vouchercodes.co.uk's three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 8,129. Relative to the overall population of internet users, this site's users are disproportionately both uneducated and highly educated, and they are disproportionately childless women under the age of 35 who browse from work and have incomes...

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    Playstation Move Vs. Xbox 360 Kinect: Metacritic

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 November 2010


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    What's stopping PS4 to be sold for $600 again @ launch?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 November 2010

    The only reason Sony isn't in a last place hole that is impossible to climb out of (as opposed to the last place hole they might be able to climb out of) is Microsoft's ineptitude.  The RRoD saved Sony.  Without it, MS can not only lower the price much sooner, but present a more reliable product to the consumer, which could have easily moved several million more units, perhaps at Sony's...

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    Yow vgchartz, start fixing yo sales numbers..

    in Sales Discussion on 05 November 2010

    My only problem with this site's numbers are the adjustments.  When the numbers are off a little, OK, but when they're off a lot and the only way to correct them is after the big three release their numbers, or by running with NPD's numbers, it makes this site look like a Mickey Mouse operation that is easily dismissed by other communities.  Case in point: the huge PS3 adjustment in...

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    Rock Band 3? Flop? The death of a genre?

    in Sales Discussion on 02 November 2010

    Then, in the frozen lands of Albion, they were forced to eat Harmonix's minstrels.  And there was much rejoicing....

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    Time Traveler" With Cell Phone Spotted In 1928 Charlie Chaplin Flick

    in General Discussion on 28 October 2010

    A cell phone would be utterly useless without the proper infrastructure--which hadn't been invented yet, and can't exactly be hauled back in a Delorian.  The resolution is nowhere near clear enough to say that she's holding anything at all.  People talk to themselves, people put their fists/knuckles/hands to their chins/cheeks/temples/foreheads when thinking.  She could have had a...

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    Kinect Sales Jump After Oprah Appearance

    in Sales Discussion on 28 October 2010

    Consumers are sheep.  That's the whole point of advertising.  We are conditioned to consume on an enormous scale.  Personally, I like to consume to a near Nero like capacity.  I think the only thing that has saved me from total ruination is the ability to occasionally look up from the trough and observe just how deep in the swine I am, but that's too depressing and eventually...

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    Enslaved doing pretty good on both consoles.

    in Sales Discussion on 17 October 2010

    How does this compare to Mirror's Edge?  (The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an impressive new IP with a very slow burn.) And the new Castlevania 3D extravaganza?  I've seen, and smelled, that dog before!  I'll eventually give the demo a try, but after the awful history this series has with 3d, Konami's infuriating reluctance to give us the console 2D game we want,...

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    Ex EA Dev:”Old Republic will be one of the GREATEST FAILURES ever for MMO's

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2010

    So, they could have made a few millions, maybe even a few tens of millions guaranteed by giving us what we wanted: KOTOR III.  Instead, they're on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars that is increasingly looking like an investment flushed down the me-too-WoW rabbit hole. Well played gentlemen.  And we wonder why so many publishers/developers are shuttering their doors?...

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    Blu-rays sale percentage tracking

    in Sales Discussion on 10 October 2010

    Vetteman94 said: D-FENS said: Vetteman94 said: cool8man said: The DVD:Blu-ray ratios aren't even telling the whole story. We don't know what percentage of sales are shifting from DVD to Amazon/iTunes/Zune/Vudu/PSN/Blockbuster. You can buy movies from your damn cellphone now, there is no way that DVD/Bluray can compete with that.  Walmart and Best Buy are going to have little...

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    Bungie calling out numbers for Halo Reach, saying they are WAY off.

    in Sales Discussion on 24 September 2010

    Nomad is absolutely correct.  I was reading this thread to see if anyone else pointed it out already.  For those with poor reading comprehension skills: On Tuesday, 09/14/2010 at approximately 1:30 pm PST, just a few hours after launch, Halo: Reach’s online unique user count had already completely eclipsed Halo 3’s total tally for the entirety of the week (09/13 through...

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    *My 1st Impression of Move after play*

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2010

    Paragraphs please....

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    Is this why JRPG's are a dying breed?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2010

    When other genres started adding in RPG qualities, it became easier to get the RPG experience from a wider, and better array of games.  It's not so much the story that's killed JRPGs for me, but the RPG elements like loot, levels, and loadouts that have enhanced other games beyond the tired, tired, tired menufests, random battle slogs, and stale action....

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    Burger King does it again

    in General Discussion on 16 September 2010

    I thought this was going to be a thread about a sequel to Sneak King, instead, it's a crummy commercial! BOO!...

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    Are Christians and North American's cowards?

    in General Discussion on 13 September 2010

    Rabble rabble rabble!Crusades!Jihad!Infidel!Pagan!Idolater!Religious Fundamentalism!Intolerance!Fear!Xenophobia!FREE LITERATURE!Rabble rabble rabble!"Can't we all just get along?" -Rodney King, greatest philosopher of the 20th century....

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    attention Lurkers post here

    in General Discussion on 07 September 2010

    MrT was a lurker for the site, before he was against it. Also, I too am a fan of free candy.  Where is your van?  Is it as cool as Brooks Orpik's van?  (He's called "Free Candy" by the Penguins fans because he dishes out free hits all over the ice aaannnddd he looks really, really creepy--Megan's Law...

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    attention Lurkers post here

    in General Discussion on 07 September 2010

    What exactly is an Attention Lurker?  A person who lurks in the shadows because he/she has an overwhelming desire to be the center of attention?  Offset that title with a colon, or at least a comma.  ATTN: Lurkers Post Here! Attention, Lurkers Post Here!...

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