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My two friends and I are getting together in a few days, and we're all fans of Mario Party, and have varying interests in RPGs (I enjoy them once in a while, while one of them basically plays them almost exclusively).  I've heard the game can take a long time, but we're the type of gamers who, when we get together, will stay up 'til all hours of the morning finishing a game that we enjoy.

Socan someone give me a little more information on the game?  I've read some reviews, but I just want to know if it's fun or not.

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Got it if you want to destroy your freindship :)

My opinion : great game

The game is a blast. You guys will definitely have a great time.

It does take a a long time to beat so I don't think you'll beat it in one night. Some friends and I play it when they come over and we've logged a lot of time (not sure how much but it's A LOT) and we still haven't finished it.

I finished only one game until now. We almost finished a second one. We used to play every Sunday for 5-8 hours and it still took us about two months. Very addictive game if you take the initial time to learn how to play. Kind of hard to get off though. We all got late to work a few times because we couldn't let go. Be careful! :)

By the way, you can learn about the game in other modes, but the fun game is the story mode. Yes, the story mode is multiplayer.

i finished one battle royal (which can be short ) and spent hours and hours and hours on story mode (30+ hours) and didnt finish it. Yes story mode can be played in multiplayer and thats whats really fun about the game !

you have your character level which can reach 99 and your job level which can reach 7 for each class.
Their are two benefits from rising you class level : 1- unlock new attacks
2- unlock new jobs (classes)

the job system works in a smiler way to final fantasy tactics, you start with three classes in the beginning of the game : warrior, mage, rogue.

reaching level 7 with any of the classes will unlock "cleric". but to unlock more powerful classes you would need to reach max job level with two classes.
so here is a mini chart of how things work:

mage + thief : alchemist
mage + warrior : spell sword
thief + warrior : ninja
cleric (alone) : monk

there is i think about 24 classes in total ? the game is huge and has a massive amount of content. No one knows about it cause it isnt a ps3 exclusive or contains mario characters.

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Was MeowTheMouse banned because he mentioned classes can go up to lvl 7? Obviously, you max a class at lvl 6. :P

The other benefit for maxing a class is that you gain the bonus class attribute. The more classes you mastered, the more attributes you gain per lvl. :)