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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How long have you been playing video games?

The first time I played video games, I was blown away and I never stop since.


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I have played for over half my life, since 99 (I may have had a GB shortly before then)

ive been plAYing for as long as i can remember,and i have no idea wat my first game was

I have sadly only played games for about 24 years when NES was released.

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Um there was a thread not to long ago called How many years have you been playing video games here's the link Snake

Since 88 though


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Since I was 4 it was the snes and street fighter ll since then I have been playing videogames all my life Im 15 now

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32 years...

My gaming career started at the age of 7 with Pong on the Coleco Telstar Galaxy.

I have owned a console in every generation.

We had some sort of off brand Pong console when I was little. This would have been pre-odyssey. Outside of that, the first game I remember playing was an Infocom game, I think called Hangman.

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Since this one.

17 years

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