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kingofwale said:
How was OP "sarcasm"???

Do you even know what sarcasm means?

I'm guessing it's the "Awesome" part.

Like "Good guess there bob!  I mean you predicted he'd eat 2 hotdogs and he ate 53!"


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ok i think the "lbp will sell like pancakes at ihop" was the funniest one

Most of these predictions didn't have numbers attached so how are we to know exactly what huge means?

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Kasz216 said:
axumblade said:
a. You are in the wrong forum for this.
b. It's disrespectful to call out single site members by name just to say they are wrong.

Don't we have a completly endoresd Crow eating thread to do just that?

Either way... the interesting part is i wouldn't really call those people fanboys and they were just actual bad predictions.


Yeah. I didn't realize Oy said that in all honesty.


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d21lewis said:
Awwww snap, son! Those predictions was snizzy dizzle wiggy wack, yo!


LMAO Yes, I live for this post...

I'm not a fanboy, I just try to tip the balance in favor of logic and common sense.

Just2Fresh said:
LBP still sold pretty well...wasnt on the level of Mario Galaxy and all but still sold well around 1.9 million at the moment...I must say its pretty lame you putting people on blast or "trolling" wateva....your probably young minded anyways grow up

Young minded? Talk about trolling. Is that how you try to win an argument, by blindly belittling your opponent right off the bat? The only thing "lame" here is the fact that you would get so bent out of shape from holding people to their intellectually irresponsible predictions. Get a grip and lighten up.