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    Do You think Obama's going to Be Impeached?

    in Politics Discussion on 22 June 2012

    Some serious misinfo in this thread, chief of which is that Issa is asking for documents having to do with the false statement DoJ made in February 2011 to the congressional investigation into F&F and then retracted in Nov. In the first statement DoJ claimed they had no knwoledge of F&F. The evidence piled up to where they had to retract that claim. Issa wants documents having to do with who knew...

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    Global up! - March 24th | Everything up!

    in Sales Discussion on 29 March 2012

    Vita means a short biographical sketch. As in a professor's curriculum vitae, which is supposed to show his/her basic credentials and publications (equivalent to a resume). I guess it's ironic because the Vita may have a short life? In other words, why would Sony name their product a Latin word that implies brevity?...

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    Is sony on track to sell 15 million?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 August 2010

    damndl0ser said: KillerMan said: Problem is that PS3 will not sell same amount HW during holidays as it did last year without new price cut. You just have to wait couple of weeks and PS3 will be down something like 400k yoy in one week (Slim launch week). After that it will be down probably almost every week yoy for rest of the year. There are several terms used for this, Cherry...

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    Gay Bar Opening Up Next to Ground Zero Mosque!!!

    in General Discussion on 16 August 2010

    @superchunk You do you realize that on 9/11 a portion of American Airlines Flight 11's landing gear ripped through the Burlington Coat factory building that the mosque is now replacing?...

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    Lady GaGa to release new album with genre defining music

    in General Discussion on 11 August 2010

    It makes me sad that singles these days can't  even have proper grammar. "There's something about you and I" is a glaring inaccuracy. Should be "you and me." Ugh....

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    Kinect for Xbox 360 now listed for $150... at Microsoft's own online store

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 June 2010

    I really can't imagine those geames they demoed at E3 to cost 60$ a peice. I would imagine at least one will be bundled and maybe others either compiled into a collection or sold at ~20-30$. But then again, who knows (certainly not me)?...

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    Microsoft takes another blow as Fallout: New Vegas chooses Steam

    in PC Discussion on 09 June 2010

    Reveling in something so inane is pathetic....

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    Thoughts about the new vgchartz

    in Sales Discussion on 01 June 2010

    For someone like me, who comes here to check news, sales, and maybe browse a few topics for a short time, this new layout sucks. The colors are bland and I've got to go to a whole other "site" for news which, as far as I can tell, is not easily color coded like it was previously. I know once these things change they don't go back, but I can't imagine spending as much time as I did on here with so...

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    BioWare CEO: love to see more BioWare games launch on PS3!

    in Sony Discussion on 08 May 2010

    Talk is cheap. They need to back it up....

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    what is your most played psn and xbla game ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2010

    ROBOTECHHEAVEN said:@boutros, is fat princess any good ? Unless he is masocistic I doubt his most played game would be one he did not find enjoyable....

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    Do you hate Michael Patcher's sales predictions?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 March 2010

    Shanobi said: fastyxx said:His real job is internal, private predictions for companies/investors that pay him A LOT of money to do it. He's good at his job - he doesn't have to talk to the media at all, but he does because we like it. He's not getting paid for these comments, and his pay really depends on his performance, so his popularity or lack thereof doesn't do much for him.We...

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    Why Heavy Rain is a 9/10 game

    in Sony Discussion on 19 January 2010

    CGI-Quality said: I just got through reading this article. My favorite piece: (This is very much a 'Sony game'). Not only do I agree that it is, but I'm glad they mention that. Give better insight into Sony's tastes when it comes to sales. They prefer these artsy, story-driven games that don't do 10-20 million in sales, not even 5. They just prefer the top-notch quality, which as a gamer...

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    PS3 Home Player 'Sexually Assaulted' Claims Roommate

    in Sony Discussion on 18 January 2010

    ...  The most exciting thing to happen in Home in months....

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    So we see that this site undertracks the XBOX 360- why?

    in Sales Discussion on 09 January 2010

    mega-chris said: Halo_Reach said: DaBuddahN said:I love the numbers that are being pulled here? A 3 million unit gap? Can you add and subtract? 39 - 36.77 = 2.33mil. This is no where near 3 mil. Also, taking into account VGC has yet to include data from Japan and NA for the last week, this number will be around 2mil. 2 mil units on shelves post-holiday season? Why not? Think...

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    MS: Over 39 million Xbox 360 consoles around the world!

    in Sales Discussion on 08 January 2010

    bat-ON said:Or may be as usual gro$oft lies as they lie in france when they said : "we are ahead the ps3 at the end of november '09" Gfk replys : you lie, PS3 is ahead 360 and by a large margin. Link? Your slur makes me think you are less than objective....

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    How are Sony losing so much money on gaming?

    in Sony Discussion on 08 December 2009

    Icyedge said: 8888brocoli123 said:Sony is losing way more than $50 per ps3 sold. With the recent price cut, Im sure that the losses are a little more than $100 per ps3. Just look at the latest financial report (Q2 2009 I think), the ps3 division ( including other products) loss more than 600 million dollars. Nobody now if their first party games did recover the production cost,...

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    ps3 has outsold 360 by 1.5 million since the price cut/slim combo

    in Sales Discussion on 19 November 2009

    SOLIDSNAKE08 said:why do people bring financials into it? that shit has nothing to do with us, leave it to sony! its thier business. And yet somehow the system wars sale gap IS our business? I believe that still falls to the companies, if anyone. Stop the counterspin....

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    Gran Turismo 5 PLAYABLE in UK Shopping Mall Tour!!

    in Sony Discussion on 25 October 2009

    darthdevidem01 said:@kowenickiwhat you said iny our first post in this thread isn't trolling but its taking a shot at GT5which you have done before, I'm not going through your posts to look for ityou know you've done it before & I think you've been banned for it once too (or maybe that was someone else) Lol. Way to be 1) Lazy and 2) Throw out an unsubstantiated accusation. Is...

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    So....for those wondering who the OTHER actress is in HEAVY RAIN.....

    in Sony Discussion on 14 September 2009

    CGI-Quality said: MrNathanDrake said: CGI-Quality said: MrNathanDrake said:too bad she looks so bad in heavy rain and nothing like the model at all Yeah, if only you READ the article you'd know why she doesn't resemble the actual person. The article is irrelevant.   What's the point of getting a smoking hot model if you're just going to make...

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    Sorry, but Sony just got owned tonight (Marketing related)

    in Sony Discussion on 11 September 2009

    Smashed said:Yet it outsold every console last week. lol, I can tell you've been waiting so long to say that. Enjoy it while it lasts....

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