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Forums - Sales Discussion - Something to Ponder... Wii's first half 2009 sales to reflect 2008?

BHR-3 said:

The Wii only managed to sell about 7.3 mill from jan- june 09 compared to over 8 mill it did in 08

Thanks guys as those posts made me smirk a little after reading them

Next im coming for U Benga Benga and the rest of the vgc community that doubted me wen i said re5 will sell more on the ps3 than the 360 by the end of 09 OPEN ME  and OPEN ME

Sales fell from 8.1m to 7.3m, true. Still, you've been claiming that Wii sales would fall nonstop for months and months on end. Eventually, there was going to be a downturn at some point. You just predicted what you wanted to see happen, many times over, and it happened to come true. I don't think you had any greater understanding of the market than the rest of us; you simply got lucky.

Wii sales definitely could use improvement though, there's no denying that.

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End of 2008 totals: Wii 42m, 360 24m, PS3 18.5m (made Jan. 4, 2008)

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Actually Nintendo can make its projections still, sales last year between August and the end of December were over 13 million, and that was with supply constraints, this year the supply constraints have been solved, meaning that Nintendo can have higher sales in that period.

The release of the black Wii in Japan will be a good barometer of how well Nintendo sales will manage for the rest of the year, if sales go well in Japan, it won't be too difficult for Nintendo to announce a new color in NA and Europe for October-November


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