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Forums - Sales Discussion - Something to Ponder... Wii's first half 2009 sales to reflect 2008?

Wii's first half of 08 meaning Jan 6- June 1 looked like this it sold around 8,161,081 in that time. It also had a peak week of 754,933 and averaged around 370k weekly sales for that time with the VGC line graph looking like a heart rate monitor b/c of supply issues

Something to Ponder...  is it possible that 09's first half will see as many sales as in 08 

While ur pondering u have to recall wats going on now

1st as noted in my thread(which can b found in my sig) PS360Wii pricing history the 360 has had 2 price cuts in EU and 1 in NA with the prices looking like this begining of 08 EU 360 Elite £299€449, Pro20g £249€349, arcade £199 €269,   now they are £229 €299,  £169€239,  £129€179  360 NA 449$, 349$, 279$ now they are 399$, 299$, 199$ that may affect potential wii buyers.  Also JP was 47,800yen, 34,800yen,  27,800yen now they are 39,800yen, 29,800yen,  19,800yen

2nd Wii had released 3 big AAA games in NA & EU at that time  being Wii Fit,  SSBB, and MK Wii, and in JP it had SSBB, and MK Wii at that time that made HW sales flourish.  Im no Wii SW expert IDK wat big titles are instore for the wii this 1st half of 09 would be nice if someone can post 3-5 big wii games that are coming out from now till the beginning of Jun so i and others can Ponder over

3rd Potential PS3 price cut comming along with a EU KZ2 bundle

So as noted is it possible that 09's first half will see as many sales as in 08 or less or equal to 08's  

Will the Wii average around 370k ww weekly sales in the first half of 09 or will it be higher or lowerer 

Im still Pondering the thought currently to have a answer

There is nothing to be pondered about PS360 sales as it it pretty obvious 360 will do better than in 08 and PS3 will do worst till a price cut happends



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The Wii is selling out. Right now, it sells whatever number Nintendo ships.


2.4M/month * 12 months = 28.8M (say 28.5M, some are replacements and such).

November + December will probably take ~ 10M (it did this christmas).

So that's 18.5M in 10 months, or ~ 1.8M/month.


That's 418K/week.




So I'd say the Wii should sell 10-11M in the first half of 09 (which is a fair increase).

Regional split will probably be

Japan: 1.1M

Americas: 4.7M

Others: 3.6M

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS

I think you put too much stock in new releases. The DS has shown us that consumers aren't necessarily driven by newly released games. To someone buying a new console, the older games are just as relevant as the new ones.

Well another thing i've pondered is that unless BHR-3 doesn't put down some crazy prediction like i did with ps3 having more milly sellers than the Wii than no one will post

I've pondered enough i don't think the wii will reach the #'s it had last year for the 1st half of 09 i think the reasons i've stated above are why it won't it will come close to 08 #'s though this is a prediction


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Even in the slim chance Wii supply catches up with demand (doubtful), Wii Sports Resort / Motion plus seems to be coming in the first half of 09. That's a massive bomb waiting to blow...

Japan is also getting an MH remake in the first half, I believe. That may help spark some sales.

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thank c0rd do u no wen wii sports resort comes out does come out for all 3 regions


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with all the wii games going to be released soon, id be suprised if it didnt sell as much

The bubble is bound to burst in '09

As someone said, too much taking new released into account. All you have to do is look at WiiFit, Mario Kart and others to see that people are buying them by the truck load.

Like I said somewhere else, most people don't like waiting for the girl to turn 18. They would rather go to the bar and play with the girls that are already 18.

I agree, very good games, if they have replay value too, never grow old and if their number and variety is large enough to cater for the tastes of the majority of users, they may keep alive a platform through possible dull periods.

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