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This bundle is nothing special. It comes with a a copy of Resident Evil 5, an extra wireless controller and the 80GB PS3 has a small design on it. Its priced at 48,980 yen including tax.






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Looks awesome, though I'm curious, will the 360 get a bundle too? Remember, just out of curiosity, not trolling.


Yeah, the 360 has a bundle too. It was posted today.

Sony is giving out bundles like candy.

360 is getting one too eh?

What's up with all the bundles. I don't remember last gen being so bundle crazy.

Guess Wii Sports harkens people back to the glory days of making every sap pay for a game they may or may not want?

The Xbox 360 has an identical bundle.

But obviously it's significantly cheaper

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How the hell did I know this was coming. PS3 is bundling like crazy this gen.


Its cheaper to bundle rather than doing a price-cut.

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Now both 360 and PS3 have a RE5 bundle. Should increase sales of both consoles.

so sony will have 2 bundles in japan on the market around same time.One Yakuza3 and one this .(same with MS)