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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid Preview - Downloadable only on the Wii!

Has anyone from Europe or Australia tried changing their region to USA? I would try it, but don't want to lose my 200 or so Wii points unless i'm sure i'll get a channel in return.

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Hey, Metroid and Super Metroid are coming out on VC! Metroid next week, SM week after! (Not dure about JPN, Euro, etc. but definitely US)

Interesting, was not actually expecting anything like this for a long while.

Yeah that was really good I wonder what Matt from IGN will say about this on his next anti Hype tyrant.

Aha, so that's why my Wii was blinking this morning. I wasn't sure if it was just in a good mood or someting was up. Does the Wii always do that when there is something special going on that Nintendo wants you to know about?

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kn, it usually gives you a blue light when there is an update, or something special happening (like a new channel being released)

This is really awesome... I wonder what other surprises Nintendo have in store for us :)

It really is a fantastic way to market - direct, free advertising to every (online) Wii in the country.


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Holy crap batman!

I just got up and ready for work. Set some cereal down for my kids to eat and whoa my Wii isa glowin'. Turned it on, check the message and YES a MP3 preview. Went to shopping channel, downloaded preview, and began to watch both videos. They are really nice. Damn this game is gonna be great. Really want 8.13.07 to hurry up and get hear so I can see other videos.

How many of you noticed the special picture you can uncover?

@Soriku -- where did you see they will come out next week? I know they already have the ESRB ratings, but I have not seen them given a release date yet. Though It would make sense to release them once a week to help drive a push for MP3.

My lord, that gets me pumped and or super pumped for it. I mean I was already buying it, I have it reserved. But DAYAMN GINA, that looks hot.

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Prime seems to be going so much toward Halo that I could see them putting "Finish the fight " at the end of the first trailer. Either way it looks like this game is going to be good.

Still have to watch the second one.