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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Metroid Preview - Downloadable only on the Wii!

For those interested the two videos are apparently compressed into 64KB, I copied the preview onto my SD card and have been playing with it in a few editors on my PC. My current speculation is that the rest of the download was a bit of an update for the wii giving it the media player aspect. I think the reason it takes up 70 blocks on the internal memory has to do with blocking out space for later videos, but it could just be that the player is specifically for this video or my SD card is lying to me.

PS - I am tired but if I did the math right 70 blocks is around 10MB of data.

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Oh and, for the record, the trailers were kick ass!


The resolution left something to be desired (they were obviously compressed for the download) but even the low resolution couldn't hide the gorgeous visuals. And I was just plain elated to see them running on my Plasma. I am so psyched.


I think this is a great way to hype the game... EVERY online console owner will get this message.


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Back when I found out the Wii had no HD I remembering thinking "at least leave me a place to install one!!".  I would be more than willing to spend $80 on a 320GB HD to shove in there (actually I have a few spare =P) 

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So much for Nintendo not hyping Metroid enough. Great marketing. I must get this game when it comes out.

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US only, not for Japan neither for Europe... but on the other hand, you can see the trailers on Youtube as well, as long it's not a playable demo, what's really the use, since a lot of trailers can be find on the Internet.

Here's one:

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Im guessing you guys missed the 2 concept art that is unrevealed mario paint style by hoving over the screan with the wiimote.


Ashadelo said:
Im guessing you guys missed the 2 concept art that is unrevealed mario paint style by hoving over the screan with the wiimote.

 I saw'em but they weren't that great honestly.  Actually the best part I saw was if you look in the upper left hand corner of the first picture you can see faded in the background the face of a female.  It appears to be some sort of creature possibly but couldn't tell for sure...

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This is awesome. They finally start the campaign. This just just proves that we are inches from downloadable trailers and demos.

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