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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox 360 skyrockets up list at

I observe 360 at amazon since august 2. At this time, the two model were at 25 rank. Next, the sales have discreas . Before price drop 7 august, the two models were at rank 50. Yesterday, premium best rank was 4, and 9 for elite. Now elite is 11 (without new price drop), and premium is 1 (with a new price drop of 20 dollars). I expect, this new price drop is for destocking the premium without hdmi. Even if amazon is not a good indicator, we can expected, it gives element of what can change the next week and others later. For exemple, it seems to be evident that 360 sales are bigger now that begins of august. With that, you can see the sales rank of elite:

With the other, the sales rank of premium:

Actually, we can't see the stock at amazon, but yesterday, i have seen the stock, and they have sale more than 150 premium and more than 62 elite.

There was 464 premium in stock yesterday 8 august at 0 hour. and 314 at 20 h 40 .So, i expect with the new price drop of amazon, the 314 lastest will dispear fast.

For ps3, with this:

and the stock next, i think they sales yesterday more than 73 units, what is inferior to 150, so I ask me the ("longueur" in french) of period of their rank. I think this was 24 hour, but with my numbers, it seems to be not the case. It will be interessant to know this "longueur".

Excuse my bad english.
I'm french, very french.

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akuma587 said:
Sporticus said:
I think Legend making this thread wasn't to use it as proof of anything but to give Sony fans a taste of their own medicine. It is somewhat ironic that the people who tried to pump the PS3 Amazon phenomenon before are now so eager to point out what they refused to believed then now that it is a different console in the #1 spot. Ah, the politics of perception.

No, I completely agree with you. But a few days ago, before Amazon knocked off the extra $20 and after the regular price drop, the Premium was only at 8 on the rankings with the Wii at 2 and the PS3 at 4. This extra jump can almost entirely be attributed to the extra $20 off.

I am not trying to crap on the 360 selling better, because it without a doubt is. I am just offering an explanation for it being #1 on Amazon.

But the price drop started yesterday Generally however, I agree: the additional Amazon cut helped 360 sales on Amazon in particular. 

To all (not just Akuma): This is very much like the PS3 deal that Amazon has had since the PS3 dropped its price. While there was a 100 dollar price drop across the board, Amazon also offers a free Blu-Ray remote and an additional Blu Ray disc (on top of the 5 you get for free as a rebate).">">