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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox 360 skyrockets up list at

I know some people might think this is lame but since I've seen others do it what the hell...

Here's Amazon's latest list of most popular videogame hardware/software... (As of 6:11pm est)

1. Halo 3

2. Xbox 360 Console (Premium)

3. Nintendo Wii

4. Playstation 3

5. Forza Motorsport 2

6. Madden 2008 (360)

7. Sony Playstation 3 Wireless Controller

8. Halo 3 (Limited Edition)

9. Wii Nunchuk Controller

10. Xbox 360 Elite

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Oops it just updated and the console is now at #1...

there is already a thread about this

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very very nice, if a little price drop were to really boost sales just imagine what another price drop and tons of games could do

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Neos said:
there is already a thread about this

Yeah I just noticed that... Hopefully a mod will lock this thread.

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Gotta love price cuts. Looks like the wii will need to work harder to overtake the 360. ;)


Yeah it's a given the Wii will pass the 360 Worldwide in days and North America in weeks/months. But still if the 360 has great sales then that's all that really matters since it'll be enough to encourage third parties to continue making cutting edge games for the system. The 360 has a lot of life left in it (very likely another 4 Christmas seasons after this one) and it'll have more than enough software to justify it's cost to anyone considering buying it.

Gotta love price cuts. Looks like the wii will need to work harder to overtake the 360. ;)

Nope, any extra consoles sold in USA will be shadowed by superior sales of Wii in Europe, and most important, Japan.

Wow, MS comback?

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That's great, do you live in Japan? I don't so I don't really care about sales in other regions to be honest. Also the 360 is getting the kind of games I like from Japan anyways, action/adventure. I'm not really into jrpgs so it's no loss to not get 50 jrps that all seem to be alike to me.  I like Western games anyways and since the 360 is doing here well here I'm sure Xbox gamers will be extremely happy :D