Forums - Gaming Discussion - LOL Spike screw up VGA, watch it NOW

They announced all winners, the rehersal showed everything lol


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that fucking retarded dick Jack Black is up, hate him so much



So has it started?


no, they kept the camera running and spoilt the whole show LOL

They just caught on, are saying the award goes to "TBA" now or making it up, too late though


so when is this airing?

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what screw it up? All I know is that if this is standard American entertainment, well not going to say anything else unless I wish to get banned.


Not much is happening, I want to see the Uncharted trailer!!!!

That Jack Black.........I mean come on he is going to make this show extremely painful to watch for me.


We heard you the first time...its all fun and games.

Are my words that loud? Impressive I must say.