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Forums - Sales Discussion - Pre - sells for Gundam musou

according neogaf, Neoplay seems to have confirmed for 120 K Gundam and 11O K Super robot wars and 12OO (!) Densha de Go Wii. but no numbers for hardware...

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Well in that case 120K for the first day would be 4X the amount as VF5 and could lead to some 150-175K games sold for the week ....not bad by any measures .And in hardware VF5 pushed only 5K consoles sold for that week ,if they manage 3x or 4x as much this could lead to sales about 40K .The important with this game is the word of mouth ,as with VF5 ...if players start to go to theirs PS3-owning houses and see VF5 and then Gundam Mussou and plus one or two interesting titles more the sales can gain some momentum .