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if anyone wants help with obtaining certain titles on this awesome game, feel free to ask. i have fully completed this game and i will take any questions u have. thanks. either reply to this or send me a personal message.

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i have the game, but not the chance to play it a lot because of Tales of Syphonia 2, Animal Crossing.... : (

how good do you think the whole game is?

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I still want that to be released here...

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ive almost completed it.

how ever my question is 'how awesome is the gatling gun'?

cos ive msot just been using fully upgraded handgun II

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The gatling gun is very awesome. The only problem is that it takes some time to get started.

An ungraded gatling gun is also compulsary to beat the final shooting range.

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For the final shooting range you need BOTH the gattling gun and the volcano fully upgraded, with Ray at max stats. I;m in my second run of the game right now, and my favorite gun is Handgun III maxed out.

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on the whole, it is a great game. the shooting is great, the driving is smooth and u feel like your in control. rescuing people is my favourite part. it feels better than killing people all the time, dont u think so? so, yeah i would give it a 9/10. if they had put those graphics from the beginning into the cutscenes, it would have been a solid ten lol

How is the replay value? Is the game short?

Any camera issues?

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SaviorX said:
How is the replay value? Is the game short?

Any camera issues?


 Length: ~ 10 hours (up 10-11).

Replay value: Pretty good. The shooting sequences are fun, but you won't want to do the adventure stuff again, so it isn't really awesome.

Very little camera issues.


Personally, I really like the game, but it isn't awesome. I'd much rather recommend The Godfather: Blackhand edition.

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