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Been alot of people saying that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd's 500,000 in 1 day isnt that big. And then saying the 700,000 in 4 days dosent mean much. It's the 3rd party record for crap sake. And just because I like the 1st party vs 3rd party charts. Here I'll do one for DS vs PSP in Japan... Since that is the PSP's worst market. Due to the massive number of console's sold diffrene. I'm gonna do a simple math problem... let's go with 10%. 1,536,050 for the DS 510,425 for the PSP 7 are over the DS number. All Nintendo. 3 are over the PSP number. 1 is Sony, and 2 are 3rd party. 3rd party games sell better for the PSP on a percentage. Now let's look at the not-so-great games. Let's look at 1% of handheld count. For the 3rd party. 153,605 for the DS 51,043 for the PSP 20 over the DS number. 35 over the PSP number. Basically 3rd party games sell BETTER per unit sold with PSP than DS. This isnt near as big as the Wii/PS3 diffrence tho.

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what is that difference then?

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So ... are you trying to imply the PSP has some advantage here? Because there are quite a few games that sold more than 10% or the Gamecube's userbase on the Gamecube but there are no games that have sold more than 10% of the PS2's userbase ... Publisher/Developers don't care what percentage they sell to, they just want the largest number of sales possible


1 Game comes out on PSP and sells good: Result: All Sony fanboys say: Oh look, u see, PSP is better, CRAP! Just wait for: DQ: 9. FF: 12. ToT tempest. And there are way more. And didn't FF:3 on DS sell like 700k in first week?!... BULL SHIT CRAP. NINTENDO is poownin Sony everywhere at the moment and once in a milllione times PSP wins in one graph. And every Sony fanboy is like LOOK, LOOK, we are better!... What iff we made the same fuzz around every week's software and hardware chart in Japan And every Software and hardware chart for handhelds on a worldwide base. Then every Sony fanboy would be fokin crying like hell on their 7 year old PS2.


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pinata said: FF XII DQ IX DQM:J
Well, if that is in response to me you're still incorrect ... I (initially) meant to add "in one region" to my initial post, but even worldwide the only PS2 games to sell over 10% of the PS2's userbase were Gran Turismo 3, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The problem is that third party games still sell better on the DS, period, and that's all she wrote. It's nice that Capcom has found some modicum of success on the PSP, but they are the exception. Third parties sell more DS games than PSP games and they don't cost nearly as much to develop to boot. Monster Hunter 2's success may actually be a burden on the third party developers, I mean Konami or Square Enix don't go "WOOHOO Capcom is successful somewhere, this is a victory for all of us as third parties!" Square Enix got burned by the PSP crowd, considering at one point the PSP tie ratio was less than one, and their movie flopped on it too. So they bolted to the DS and have never been happier. They don't give two shits about how well Capcom's PS2 port did. Oh yeah, ports are another thing, considering that it (MHP2) will be the #1 selling game for the PSP, with its prequel right behind it. That's nice and all, but the disturbing fact about both is that they are PS2 ports. In fact, most successful PSP games ARE PS2 ports. This creates a terrible precedent where original game titles and/or games in a series that require new resources will do worse than click and drag ports from the PS2, and thus will cause third parties to not invest any real effort. It's nice that percentage wise certain third parties are doing better on the PSP than DS. But on the whole, they sell more ACTUAL games on the DS. So it's a no brainer which one is doing better on the third party front.

The PS2 cant be compared that way. Take any 1 year of console sales. and do that math. for the PS2. If I recall correct. Everyone seems to think PS2's blow up every 9 to 12 months, so you have to buy a new one. (wich would actually mean only 20million people owed PS2s worldwide) So then that 10million number looks really good. Every console for DS + PSP right now, is still in use, or dang near almost all. I'm just refrenceing this to the Wii/PS3 3rd party sales in japan. Those are totaly skewed. I dont see how the PS3 can possibly be doing as good as the Wii in 3rd party sales in japan. I just dont see how. The Wii has some good 3rd party games. The PS3 has ALL CRAP 3rd party games. The Wii has well over double the consoles sold, and yet, the PS3 has almost as many 3rd party as the Wii. (like less than 10% diffrence in total sales of 3rd party) The DS sells more. games. Even 3rd party games. *duh* then agian, it has 3x more units sold. A PSP user is more likely to buy a 3rd party game than the DS. I'm not counting total sales. Just market saturation of 3rd party games on each one. The PSP has MUCH higher percentage of people buying 3rd party games than the DS. All I am saying. EDIT: Where did I say the PSP sells more than the DS in titles. I'm talking about what games have what % of market saturation in japan. Why all the hate?

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Kwaad, those are some of the worst stats I have ever soon ;) Your conclusion is completely incorrect - and your 'idea' of setting a sales limit for each platform based on the number of HARDWARE units sold is ridiculous. Neither platforms are *hardware* limited (unlike the PS3/Wii). If anything, the DS is - definitely more than the PSP. Set a FIXED limit (make it 1mill, 500k - whatever you want), and then do the maths again. Sega's "Dress girls up" (Love Berry or something) game on the DS has sold as many units (if not more) than the top selling title on the PSP. I think that says it all. You want a stat? NSMB has (almost) sold as many units as *every* PSP title - added up - in 2006. The DS beat the PSP by 8:1 in software sales. You present those stats to the CEO of a development company, then argue they should back the PSP. I think this year is going to be even worse... (currently at 12:1).

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The Japanese Alltime Totals page does some neat sums at the bottom of each list. You can easily figure out that 3rd parties have so far sold 15.3 million games on DS and 7 million games on PSP. Pretty obvious which direction 3rd parties should turn.

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