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Forums - Sales Discussion - JAPAN UPPP!!!!

Hardware Sales, 25th Oct 2008

Japan America Others Total
25,911 260,139 183,612 469,662
24,825 156,599 216,564 397,988
71,442 59,772 82,336 213,550
7,787 89,663 81,156 178,606
4,096 65,631 89,153 158,880

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PSP is ballin'.

My my PS3, how low will you fall?

Ah well, at least the WW gap is shrinking.

PSP is leading

DSi gets released next week so it's no surprise to have low numbers. Apart from that, consoles are really did in Japan. Wii is always going down. I think nothing can save consoles in Japan now. Japanese companies are right to pursue the western market that is thriving right now (all consoles).

How many cups of darkness have I drank over the years? Even I don't know...


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WOW 360 sales are hot
psp dropped hard
ps3 will pick next week in japan

8 weeks in row for XBOX 360 BEATING PS3!!!! and now 2 months in a before the ps3 defenders saying next week...!!!! lmao at djmeisters future posts

Ds and Wii very low on Japan.
Ofc Box and Ps3 lower.



Take my love, take my land..

Psp still going strong, Ds guess everyone is waiting for DSi, Wii is quite low, Ps3 lowest, 360 ok.


Damn you blackstar -_- Japanes waiting for DSi and 80GB PS3 Bundle