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Has everyone else been getting loads of website errors all day today? What's going on?

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I have had quite a few over the last week - missing charts, pages not loading, charts from years ago, etc. Also noticed that this site is probably the slowest site I visit - too much traffic for the server to handle?

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I couldnt get anythign to load on the website for like 3 hours. earlier today.

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Yeah same problems here too. I went to their hosting company, and they seem to be using Linux, apache and mysql which are normally very reliable. The errors seem to be database related so my guess they have too many connections to handle and the mysql demon is rejecting alot of them.

Im having the same problems.


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Ya, it's really bad for me too. Takes forever to load pages, and sometimes it'll give me an error page, but my posts still get through well enough. But yeah. SUPER slow. S'ok though...good luck fixin. Maybe it's DreamsCast's 2 mb sig haha :p

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