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Ok, I don't know if this has been asked here before, but I think it should make for some interesting answers. What is the game you are best at? More specifically what is the game you can talk smack then back it up by making your opponent look like a two year old. My best game would have to be Super Smash Bros. for the N64. Give me 3 on 1 and I'll pulverize you with Kirby or Captain Falcon. I use to play so much I basically invented the new moves that were used for Melee. Bring it on.

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Beware my "Bowser's Firewall" Technique on Mario Power Tennis, my Ion Legion of Homeworld, and my Flak Shredding abilities of Unreal Tournament. :) Damnit, I forgot Seigfried and his monster sword from Soul Calibur. :)

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.

I will gladly meet anyone in a match of a kof or streetfighter games. Soul calibur I used ivy for maximum annoyance and shame. For VF 5 I only use vanessa. The quake games I would feel at ease saying that I will rank among the top players (using keyboard and mouse). I will take up Van's challenge for sure because the flak gun is my fave in UT. But at the top of my list you better be at the top of your game if you wish to challenge any of me and fellow ninja's to ANY version of naruto gekitou taisen. ( I will extend this to shuppiden as well)

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I forgot about Street Fighter games. If I were younger I probably could have been a challenger. It's been a long time since I've played a game like that.

I got quite good at Resistance. I was usually scoreing in the top 2-4. Keep those shotguns away from me. Speaking of shotguns. I love nail guns too. (resistance is not like Gears of War with 8player multiplayer. I'm talking 40people and I'm top 2-4)

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Giveth Mario Kart 64 and I will zoom by you on the next lap while I leave my presents behind you. Nothing says like music to my ears like Toad getting nailed by a wayward turtle shell from me. XD Also give me Melee and watch me hit people away with the Home-Run Bat like a baseball player without steroids.

Home run bat!! No,no to find out who's best in any game of smash bros. there are no weapons allowed.

Street Fighter KING!!!

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2-4, Warcraft III.

diamuerto said: Home run bat!! No,no to find out who's best in any game of smash bros. there are no weapons allowed.
You crazy SSBM players who won't allow weapons. When will you realize they're part of the game? Just because you can't handle weapons is no reason to turn them off, but a reason to get to know how to use them. It always drives me nuts that people who want to play "competitively" will have a snit about having no weapons and only play on certain stages as well. It's like playing Street Fighter and saying no fireballs or no throws or other such nonsense. Anyway, I guess I'd say competitively my favorite game, NBA Hangtime. Nobody beats me in that.

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