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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - A man on his 12th Xbox 360 o_O

by the way a replaced my ps2 4 times ....and xbox 360 works perfect since january 2006.......

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fooflexible said:
I know 4 people who own 360s and none had a problem (Including me) so I honestly don't believe this guy. Or let me correct myself. I do believe him, I just think at this point he's the problem and not the system. Could it be overheating? Even if it ain't I just seriously have a hard time believing he got 12 in a row, and it has nothing to do with him.

Remember also that "supposedly" a few were crap outta the box, hell this happened to me with 2 in-a-row brand new 2007 model Samsung HDTV's(and these damn things are $2500) but now I have a Sony ;)

I also went through 4 PS2s, but I lived and worked on the road, went to 52 different US cities for 3 years and was very(VERRRRY) rough on them.

HappySqurriel said:

True enough, but that is why I initially choose 1/10,000,000 as the probability of having 1 person who had 11 defects (because we know of 1 person out of 10,000,000 who has had 11 defects); if we assumed that Microsoft was remarkably unlucky and the actual probability of having 1 person with 11 defects was 1/1,000,000,000 the probability of having 1 defective unit would still be 15%


This probability analysis is all well and good, but it all assumes that the probability of any one Xbox 360 failing is the same as the probability of every other Xbox 360 failing.  We know the guy had an electrician check the wiring in his house, but that doesn't rule out other factors that could be causing his systems to fail.

What we can really gather from this story is that the kid still loves the box. 

DonWii said:
That is the thing. Some people argued that the PS2 sales are made up from people who had to replace it. However, the fact that they were willing to buy another one showed how much they loved their machine. Same can be said about the 360.

I don't really agree with this logic.


If I have 10 PS2 games, and my console breaks, what else am I gonna do?  Leave the 10 games sitting there useless?  How about 30, 50, 70 games?  Am I just going to sell my whole collection for 10% of what I paid for it?  I don't think so.


If I've invested all of this money into Xbox360 games/controllers/ other components, I have no real other choice but to buy another console.  Otherwise I'm losing a TON of money on all of the games/components I bought.   Even if I was to sell them, I get no where near what I paid.


It's not really how much you love that system.  It's just the way this market works out.  You need that console to play your games.  You have no alternative.

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These aren't 11 random boxes, so the events aren't independent. Your math's borked, man.

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you must be rich lolll

LOL. Where is he placing his 360? Under a bunch of quilts?