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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cloud VS Squall!!!

Cloud beacuse hes the only one who can beat Sephiroth.


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If it's just an explosion, then why call it a GUNblade? I mean really. It'd make more sense to call it a Bomblade if that's the case, because guns generally do not explode. Not unless you're fond of losing your hand, anyway. And on that subject, how does Squall NOT get his hand blown off or even injured badly when trying to use the Gunblade if it does cause an explosion? Explosions have shockwaves. Shockwaves do bad things to people. This is kind of why close-range explosives are considered suicidal.

Anyway, I can't see any point in judging characters by their personalities (because those totally impact one-on-one duels with swords, only not). And if Squall's Gunblade actually worked like a real gun-blade does (yes, they do exist), then he'd have a huge edge.

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Squall. He can turn Cloud into a Triple Triad Card :D

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I am suprised people are picking Squall over Cloud. Especially since a lot of people hated Squall and the fact that Cloud has a big fanbase.

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NNN2004 said:

beat me to it

squall is gay and he is whipped by Rinoa.

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How come every one of this guy's threads is one of these juvenile "X vs Y" threads?

super_etecoon said:
How come every one of this guy's threads is one of these juvenile "X vs Y" threads?


Who knows? Maybe he's from N4G. o_O


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