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Forums - Gaming Discussion - METAL GEAR SOLID 4 VS GEARS OF WAR 1!!

(sumbody probably allready posted this but o well)

just post the name of the game u think is better

i personally think mgs4

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MGS4, no contest.

Pixel Art can be fun. you play other you watch.

MGS4 is a much better interactive movie.


MGS 4 released June 2008 V's Gears of War released November 2006. No contest MGS 4 easily.

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In my opinion: MGS4 > Gears of War 1, by more than just graphics. Story, gameplay, music, sound, etc...

Edit: but honestly, they really can't be compared.

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Haven't played MGS4, but it seems a bit silly to compare two games released in two vastly different parts of this generation. Better to do this comparison with Gears 2 in a few months.

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Games with the words, metal, gear or war in them sound silly.

I think they should have called both games "of solids 4"

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OT: 2 different games, son. There's no comparison. = PHAIL.