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i gotta just ive never seen a thread with such low post counts of users

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docholliday said:
ioi taking vacation is well deserved, whats scary is no ioi=no sales.....Is he the only admin on site that has access to this info? Quite a burden for one person to carry alone.


I believe that The Source has access to one of the Japanese retailers (he made the Japan preview after all) but it wouldn't be very accurate to use those for the main charts (although The Source probably doesn't have access to post on those anyway) and it would be Japan only.

This is actually part of a Semi-ban. If you get Semi-banned, you are blocked from seeing any new sales data. I see the numbers just fine.

Amazing increase for Luigi's Mansion!


They're right here actually...

ioi said:
They're right here actually...


Oh my, you're alive? :O

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Off topic:
I wonder how the sales would be organized for the two weeks

ioi said:
They're right here actually...

I was just about to check if you were online.

This week is immense, we get 2 weeks of numbers updated, NPD should be released and DKII is covering E3.


Maybe we need to perform a seance for ioi to return...

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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I'm here guys - expect updates galore along with all the latest E3 info...

Now your just teasing us!!!!!!