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I was just wondering where everyone has/will/are going to for college seeing as that time is nearing.

This fall I am going to the fantastic Florida State University, mainly because its a good college but is pretty cheap to go to. It was either that at 3000$ for tuition, or Miami University for 30000$. FSU is the obvious choice. I also is in the real South, which I love.


So what about you? Who do you rep and why?

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Université Laval - established in 1663.

EDIT: I graduated in 2004.

Ehm... I'm already done with University... but I will be back there as a temp-teacher... again.. Avans hogeschool FTW!!!


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I'm looking at going to the University of Durham in two years time (once I've finished college).

Southern Methodist Univiersity - Got my bacholors in Computer Science and I could have had a minor in Math if I had bothered to declare it (whoops). I really wouldn't recommend SMU for a CS degree by the way.

I started in 2000 and graduated in 2005. I kind of took an extra year (my victory lap) since I didn't believe in studying, doing homework, or going to class my freshman year. My piece of advice to people going to their first year: even if it's an 8AM class go to class.

Grad School
The Guildhall at SMU - I decided to say screw computer science and went into Level Design with a specialization in scripting and loved every minute of it. I started in 2005 shortly after graduating and not being able to find a job so I was going to go to grad school for AI but then had a buddy that was applying for the Guildhall and decided to try it on a whim. I threw together a portfolio of hand drawn Dungeons and Dragons maps I had made, did their portfolio assignments, and handed it in a week or two past deadline (whoops again, though I didn't start until after the deadline) and made it in.

I started in 2005 and graduated pretty high in my class in 2007. I forgot who was top in GPA (I was close I'm sure) but definitely one of the top LD's skillwise (especially scripting) though I was one of the last to find a job (mainly because I didn't want to leave the Dallas area).

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VU (Free university) Amsterdam. Still going there, just finished my Bachelor.

Aparantly It spawned the current prime minister and minister of Finance + the previous ministre of finance. Looks cool.

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Undergrad I went to Michigan Technological University. which sucked

grad I'm going to UW: Milwaukee, which sucks far less.


I graduated from University of Calgary back in 2003 (or 4?) with a Comp Sci Bachelor, but I'm planning on going back in a few years to a dif university likely to get another undergrad in Geology probably.

I go to Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León (Autonomous University of Nuevo León)

I study Industrial Design.

Georgia State University right in the heart of Atlanta. Its probably everything that FSU is except when it comes to sports. We are getting a football team soon but i dont expect much from it and i doubt it will be any good.


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