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Avalach21 said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
Avalach21 said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
  because all the arguments against homosexuality come from old religious laws.


I think that was a very silly thing to say.

I think there are a lot of arguements one could put against the morality of homosexuality that do not involve religious laws.



seriously i'm not trying to de-rail this thread at all.

It doesn't hurt other people, so I don't see how it's a moral issue at all.


And you made a claim like this.


I'm sure we could start a discussion about the moral correctness of suicide.  I mean, suicide doesn't hurt other people, only yourself?  Totally not a moral issue.


I replied to your other post with a long reply in the new thread, but I'll respond to this here.


Suicide's a grey area, because it only hurts people who care about you, but you only do it when you feel like nobody cares about you.  I think we should try to talk people out of it and rehabilitate them if it's caused by any other illness or addiction or anything, but I think it should be legal for a mentally competent and sober citizen of voting age to decide to end their life in a clean and humane fashion how and when they see fit.


EDIT: I just think it's pretty selfish to force somebody to stay alive when they don't want to, just to make their friends and family feel better.  I think it's a really really big decision for somebody to make, and nobody knows how they feel when they're in that situation, and while I think we should try to stop them most of the time, I don't think that should be the law.

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Post it there, Rubang. If you post it here he's more likely to respond here, and that just runs this thread more off course.


EDIT: I see you already did.

Sex related threads aren't locked at least...

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i really wonder how this thread had any reason to be locked...

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steven787 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Ssj12, you've said some incredibly offensive things towards religion on the forums, and making a thread just to share your opinion that Scientology is a cult is completely inappropriate for the forums. Just because it's a smaller religion does not mean that it's fair game. Hell, if you made a thread called "The Catholic Church is Corrupt!," do you think the user response would be as enthusiastic?

This site encompasses members from all different beliefs, backgrounds, and nations. With the Global Warming thread, it started out well but I suppose it just got out of hand (I'm not sure, never viewed it). With a thread like the one you're speaking of, it would be out of hand from the moment you made it. This is not the forum to discuss how much you hate a certain religion, no matter how common the sentiment.

It would be fine if you left the thread open to both view points, but to just plop down your opinion (which could be viewed as offensive) in the thread title alone, is very unprofessional for the position you're in. We're trying to ease conflicts between the members and make the forums more peaceful. Sex threads are fine because they provide fun discussion and bring up common moments between members closer than just videogames. Threads about religion just tear us apart.

Besides, this is the internet. This site belongs to Brett. If there was completely free thought and speech, the moderators would have no purpose at all. We're here to differentiate between right and wrong. You're free to discuss your opinions on religion, but I've seen you discuss your viewpoints sometimes and they often tell why your point is right and why another is wrong.


Sorry ssj12, I agree with you about Scientology (I used to work for them) but as I said before, and Montana has so eloquently expanded, it's ioi's site.


The thing is that no one here knows wtf I beleive. I support Free Zone Scientology. I have never not supported the freedom to believe in anything.

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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Yes I think censorship is going too far here.



same thing different outcome...

maybe that's not censorship but consistency issue.

Censorship should never be used if are based on the personal opinions of the would be censor. If are based on published policy, not a problem.

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kirby007 said:
i really wonder how this thread had any reason to be locked...


Don't now.  Maybe for reasons of economy.

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"too" not "to".

I got my wall post deleted for saying a ban was bullshit - now thats censorship there.