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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Top 5 Xbox 360 Games PS3 Fanboys Wish They Had

Looks like ole DMeisterJ is playing some Halo 3 as of right now.

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Hm, instead of trolling like so many others, I'll just list my top 5 most wanted XBox360 games:

- Mass Effect
- Ninja Gaiden 2
- Left 4 Dead
- Fable 2 (possibly)
- Too Human (possibly)

I can get Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead on the PC, but I'd rather have them on my PS3.

If I were a PS3/SONY fanboy, the only game that I would be interested in from that list would be Fable 2 because I'm not a big shooter/sci-fi/zombie fan. I do respect the games in that list in its respective rights. But as a gamer, the only game that I would be interested in from that list would be Fable 2 because... I'm not a big shooter/sci-fi/zombie fan. Hmmm...

Hackers are poor nerds who don't wash.

halo?hell noooooooooo
fable?no thanks

ok,,,let's see,,,my list would be

mass effect (without all the bugs)
dead or alive 5(I m praying it's multiplat since that itagaki bastard is gone,lol)
gears of war1 and 2

that's it.




@ Starcraft

You said...



It doesn't matter. You posted this while showing no disagreement to it. So you are just as guilty since you posed and apparently support it. You talk about "INSECURE SONY FANS". Pot - Kettle - Black. If you were so secure, you would have backed up the article and not pointed the blame elsewhere. Too bad for you the many legit/reasonable responses doesn't support you insecurity.

Hackers are poor nerds who don't wash.

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I laugh at the PS3 fools. Go play Haze.

PS3 fanboy here: Games I wish PS3 had:

Dead or alive 4
Gears of war
Gears of war 2
Ninja Gaiden 2

Honestly I don't get the Halo thing very much. I've played it for short periods and found it to be pretty bland. Crysis as well. I admit I'm not a huge FPS fan but I did enjoyed Bioshock like crazy (got it on PC) as well as Condemned 1/2 and I also loved Goldeneye back in the day. I loved Gears (got it on PC) but that's more of a third person shooter. I'm not trolling I'd really like to know from Halo fans what the appeal is. You may have a different perspective having had extensive time with the game.

All in all MS 2008/2009 exclusives aren't enough to persuade someone like me to buy a 360 not like they ALMOST have for the past 2 years. After you pay for 1 year of live, PS3 and 360 are the same price. Factor in Bluray and it makes the case even tougher for 360. You say you don't care about bluray? Well either you don't have an HDTV or well... you smoke crack. coming from someone with a 52 inch 1080p samsung let me tell you, those movies look Amazing! I was watching planet earth on bluray my god it looked so crisp and clear you would think it was CGI. If Bill Gate$ had put the HDDVD drive into the system this would be a whole different story. But then 360 wouldn't have the price/ release date advantage that it did.

Leetgeek, it is obvious online play is not your thing since you mentioned enjoying mostly single player games so why would you pay for a year of Live? Halo 3 is mainly a multi-player game with a single-player tacked on, which is maybe why you did not like. Blu-ray is nice but I am not getting fleeced into buying one at this point in time at their current price points. Upconversion is fine until prices of both the movies and players come down.

I can't believe how many people here do not like Halo.

Perhaps PS3 fans just find it impossible to say nice things about Halo just like the reporter says.