Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many of you believe that Zelda games should finally use voice acting?

I have been playing Zelda games since Link to the Past ( i've played Zelda I&II on the collector's set) and it has always been awesome, but when i played Twilight Princess, i just knew that they need voice acting. There was no too many voice acting when the Wind Waker came out so it was no big deal, but now that the nex-gen of gaming is here and almost every single game is voice acting and one of the greatest game series isn't, that kinda puzzles me. I believe Zelda and all the Nintendo classics need voice acting. The main reason i believe they aren't doing it is that they are too shy to put all these classic characters into voices. They are too scared that if one of the guys will quit ( for example, if the voice for Mario quit, it would be hard to find someone with voice acting like it), they would be screwed.

Nintendo, start bringing these loved Nintendo characters to life!


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I wouldnt mind it.

Yes and no. Yes, in that everyon should say something, but whether or not it's actual audible english speech is the question. I thought that Midna worked quite well with her gyberish language. That kind of thing can work. Speech can work too.

Of course Link is a different question. He doesn't need voice acting. He's link, the silent hero of Hyrule.

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It isn't needed. In alot of games it's all part of the story telling and voice acting can work great, but for evry game it works good on there are loads it's just horrible on. But why would you want or need it in Zelda, what does it add? I prefer just the text.

i wouldnt mind

the voice actor for link should be gilbert gottfried



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No way, i think the zelda games should remain without voice acting. it would ruin the majestic feel of zelda

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I WOULD!!! You can spoil an entire franchise by adding them. Everyone has a different expectation of what Link should sound like if he ever did get a voice. If it's not dead on for everyone the franchise is screwed. That's why protagonists usually don't talk, if they screw that up the whole game is shot.

Please no!

Voice acting takes far more time and is far more expensive then a text based game, as a result there is (usually) around 5% to 10% the ammount of unique content in games that use voice acting as compared to text. This may not be a problem in some genres but in an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda all voice acting does is make every character in the game far more generic and useless; and in a way punishes people for exploring the world.


I think they should try it out at least once. As the OP said, when you play TP, you realize that there must be voice acting. There were SO many moments where it just felt voice acting was necessary and should have been there. Link can remain quiet, that really doesn't matter and can easily be done (Gordon Freeman anyone?). They would just have to be very careful to choose the right voice actors. If just ONE of them sucked, it would be bitched about for an eternity.

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Yes, it needed voice acting long long time ago, but if it's bad voice acting it will be Mario Sunshine all over again.... But seriously Tilight Princess, the people sounded stupid as hell when they kept going: 'heyyyy' over and over again...

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