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 I will be buying the PS3 version of GTA IV standard edition, walk in buy. No pre-orders for me.  Now people so what version of GTA IV will you be buying?

Please include in post the following:  have preordered GTA IV or walk in buy/  console version/edition or GTAIV is not for me- I own a Nintendo Wii. Thanks peeps.

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I'm getting the PS3 version of the game, i have not preordered it, AND GTA is not for me - i own a Wii. ^^


Had the PS3 version pre-ordered over a month ago, I just wish would get off their fat hairy asses and actually dispatch it. (As you can tell, I'm getting impatient!)


PS3,,walk in and buy situation here aswell




Another GTA thread, huh? Why not.

I got the special edition for PS3 on amazon because of $30 off for credit card signup an exclusive license plate. I'm a sucker for special editions.

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I got the PS3 regular version preordered because i doubt there will be any left at the stores.

Going to the midnight release and getting the ps3 version. I got a 360, but the downloadable content isn't that important to me.

Friend of mine owns a store, and he allready has his copy. I hate him so much (cause he rubs it in). Ow and he says the game is fantastic.

the xbox version

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PS3,,walk in and buy situation here aswell

ordered it for PS3 from because the big electronic stores in Germany try to sell good games for PS3/360 for 70E. Got it from the isle including shipping for 59.03E. I really hope that most people boycott them.

Whatever version I can find for the PS3 when I walk into the shop tomorrow at 8am. I was somewhat surprised to learn the 360 and PS3 iterations were to be the same price at Gamestation (my closest retailer).


Normally the PS3 version costs more in the UK.