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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hardest Platinum Trophy or Achievements ever!


Hardest to 100%

Souls Series 0 0%
Red Dead Series 0 0%
Resident Evil Series 0 0%
Uncharted Series 0 0%
The Last of Us Series 0 0%
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 1 50.00%
The Evil Within series 0 0%
Halo series 0 0%
Any Racing games? 1 50.00%
Sports games? 0 0%

I've been playing Video games for quite a while now but I only began platinuming games in 2015 when I accidentally did it with Rocket League just by simply playing the game and naturally popping trophies with no intentions of collecting em,

Fast forward 9 years later I have 59ish plat trophies but some are double pops thanks to ps4 to ps5 transfer save files:

FF7 REMAKE double

Spiderman 2018/ Remastered double

RE2 Remake Double


I mostly play on PlayStation as you can tell and I don't necessarily plat every games I play only the ones I really like!

Some are walk in the park like telltale games no effort whatsoever to get a plat to notoriously difficult ones like The Evil Within 2 and my most recently encountered FF7 REBIRTH run!

Jeez FF7 is making everyone cry on the internet myself included but I think I didn't waste as much time as others did thanks to some skill based difficulty which I'm used to thanks to being a souls vet lol!

Skill based and grind fest aside!

I want to know what's the most difficult Platinum or Achievements that's y'all encountered!

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When I glanced at Gran Turismo 5 platinum back in the day, I just said nope.

It requires an insane grind that only diehards would get the platinum including getting a ton of cars, completing 24 hour races and winning a ton of races, events , and challenges.

Multiplayer platinums are difficult too, and usually take a lot of dedication.

Warhawk for PS3

Many trophies that requires online playing can be extremely difficult and I tend to avoid them.

Also FF9.....Jump rope 1000 times without tripping... -_-'

Agreed they should trash multiplayer trophies unless the game is Driveclub and Onrush which I both platinumed just by playing them naturally hahaha can't platinum them now!

And yes I've heard the grind fest of GT5 lol GT7 is at least a tad do-able compared to GT5 and 6

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 700 achievements to unlock and I've only been able to unlock nearly 200 of them.

There's 6 games in the collection. Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4. There's about 100 achievements per game in a combination of single player and multiplayer, and each game includes completing every campaign mission on LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) difficulty. So Legendary difficulty with every skull (modifier) enabled that changes the gameplay drastically.

This includes the INFAMOUS Halo 2 LASO run. One of the most near impossible feats to accomplish in gaming. And it's just 1 achievement out of 700.

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LivncA_Dis3 said:

Agreed they should trash multiplayer trophies unless the game is Driveclub and Onrush which I both platinumed just by playing them naturally hahaha can't platinum them now!

I agree, but if they're simple online/multiplayer trophies then sure, but not when it requires something specific that's takes some serious luck.

MHW for me, I gave up. The game is very long as it is and doing size trophy hunting makes it last forever.

Jpcc86 said:

MHW for me, I gave up. The game is very long as it is and doing size trophy hunting makes it last forever.

Yeah after 40 kills on Kushala Daora, and no big boy. I gave up on trophies and was basically finished on my build at that point.

My top three Hardest Platinum Trophies are:

Rock Band 4
Red Dead Redemption II

Cuphead was probably the easiest of those but beating all the bosses quickly and without getting hit on hard mode was certainly a choice. Did it, though. got the DLC trophies, too. the 25 hours I spent on that was a fraction of what I spent on Rock Band and Red Dead.

Rock Band required some insane trophies. Doable, but VERY VERY hard going solo.

One trophy required you get 1,000,000 points on a single song. Even the longest song in the game, Rush's 2112, I could only get 750,000 points. I did do that online.
One trophy required a TRIPLE awesome on vocals which normally requires 3 people with 3 microphones, but if you're very good you can do it with one on a handful of songs.
One trophy required I get 5-stars on every song in the game on Expert difficulty. LUCKILY this could be spread out over all four instruments and few songs were hard on all.
One trophy required I get gold stars (near perfect scores) on 30 songs from the base game. Again, any instrument. did it on Guitar.

One trophy required me to get something called 'Locked In', an in-game achievement you can only get by getting perfect no-miss combos on 5 songs in a row in campaign mode. The 'locked in' achievement can ONLY be achieved in coop. You HAVE To play 2 instruments or more so I taught myself to sing and guitar at the same time. And get perfect on 5 songs in a row. Something that can only be done on a handful of 'sets' in the campaign mode. LUCKILY this can be done on medium difficulty, but you still have to get every note 5 songs in a row and not miss any song cues, so picking songs that can be done on an instrument and are easy to sing (metal songs, usually, don't have pitch requirements and you can just shout into the mic) is a challenge.

There are a bunch of 'grind out this much money' and 'earn this many fans' trophies on the campaign mode. Most of the trophies came pretty easily.

But there was one more potentially NUTS trophy in the DLC. Luckily it wasn't required for the platinum. Absolutely brutal. That means get the equivalent of gold stars (A near perfect score) in brutal mode. Brutal Mode makes it so that instead of seeing the full note chart cascade down the screen towards your fret board for timing, the notes disappear near the top of the screen and you have to remember where they are because you still have to hit the right notes at the right time. It's basically forcing you to play the game blindfolded on the hardest difficulty and get 100% on a song. Oh....and in this mode you can fail. In the base game the default is that no-fail mode is turned on for parties and stuff. You can fail in Brutal Mode. you cannot turn no-fail on. Not like it matters; if you're gunning for 100% then I imagine it's not a song you'd fail at.

I did all of that. I'm not even that good at the game.

Red Dead took a lot more work and was more frustrating but to the average player it wasn't too bad. Lots of luck involved and lots of patience. the HARDEST trophy was 'Gold Rush' where you have to get the gold medal on 70 story missions. I....foolishly misread this thinking it was ALL missions so I was systematically replaying every mission to get the gold medal. SOME of these missions are absurd, like getting into a gunfight and coming out unscathed. As in, not getting hit. The rule isn't actually that you can't get hit, but functionally that's what it is because some missions have a 'beat the mission without using healing', and 'beat the level with xx% health or more' and they have to be done at the same time. Except dying and restarting a checkpoint counts as healing so if you don't do the ENTIRE mission from start to finish without getting hit, you can't achieve every requirement.

Some missions required you get 20 headshots. have 90% accuracy, etc. IT's all possible. I did it. but it's absurd in terms of requirements. One mission I remember was like 7 checkpoints long and one of them like 4 checkpoints in required you defeat one enemy without taking any damage. In a fist fight. Where he had a knife and even blocking meant you took damage. And you can't just overpower him because he has a knife. Basically I did that mission 50 times until I got lucky and tackled him before he took out his knife and I took him out. And every time I failed I had to do the whole mission over and over again which had absurd requirements front to back.

Fortunately as I said the trophy isn't as bad as I made it to be, which is why this isn't #1. Because you need 70 gold medals. There are I think 109 missions in the game. So those absurdly stupid missions I forced myself to do were optional.

There's also a tonne of luck and grinding. Filling the compendium (Documentation of every animal int he game) took me forever. Trying to find certain entries and finding perfect specimens and hunting them properly was like trying to roll three D20s in a row and all three got 20. Hard to find, even if you find it there's a slim chance it was 'perfect', and even if it is the chance of hunting it with the proper method and not missing your perfect mark by even more than a hair was TOUGH. well more like it just took forever.

Getting 100% in the game which is required for the platinum also had you get to level 10 in each of the different challenges. Like how in 'gambler' you had to win x many in a row or get four of a kind in blackjack. Some of those were skill based but most of them were absolutely down to absurd random chance.

Plus there was a solid 50-100 hours worth of grinding just in the online mode.

Dark souls I and III were also kinda crazy as far as the requirements were concerned. Dark Souls III in particular had you forced to go through the game 3 times to play for different countered factions to max out loyalty since you CANNOT do both factions in the same run through, and one of the rings you need to get required you to beat the hardest boss in the base game on NG+2. I didn't find the Dark Souls trophies THAT hard to get, just a lot of grinding and honestly not worth it.

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Killzone 2 was pretty challenging. But the hardest trophy ever for me was "Beat Zico" from Wipeout on PS3. It's only a gold trophy, but it's still the hardest one I have ever obtained.

Skate 2 was also hard, but fun. Same for Final Fantasy 13.

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