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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch Ships 141.32 Million Units as of March 2024

HebrewGamer said:

Again, You're just wrong...sorry.

I Know where you got that 1537million number from and it's wrong. We actually don't know how many copies of software the PS2 sold because that number has never been reported. We only have shipping numbers which is 1.2B. The 296 million you're trying add to it is included in the 1.2 billion shipment figure. For all we know they sold way less than 1.2B. Meanwhile Nintendo's 1.23B figure is actual sales numbers. This would make sense seeing the PS2 didn't have even one 20million seller while the Switch has 9. Also PS2 had only 4 10million sellers to the Switch's 21. You probably don't understand the difference between sales numbers and shipping numbers.

The N64, GameCube, and Dreamcast were commercial flops. The market was Sony's free and clear with all the momentum in the world from PS1. On the flip side, People were talking about Nintendo giving up the ghost and going 3rd party like Sega before the Switch released because of how bad the WiiU did and the PS4 was doing gangbusters. The Dreamcast came out 4 years into the PS1's life cycle and still got washed by the PS2 which came out a year later. Also, the first Xbox came out 4 years after the PS2 and didn't hit on anything. So no, the release window excuse doesn't work.  

The "Switch isn't competing" argument is a goofy take. They do not target different groups. All 3 gaming consoles are competing for the same market. Handheld gaming is simply rendering home console gaming obsolete. It's as silly as saying CDs weren't competing with cassette tapes or 8-tracks. New and better ways of doing things emerge and old ways fade away.

People buy more games today because gaming is more popular than ever before not because of inflation or people having more money. mobile gaming hasn't been more popular than during the Switch's lifecycle.

Saying selling a product with half the features missing for less is a pricecut is yet another goofy take when comparing it to another product which cut the price by 50% 4 years in on the exact same product. 

The Switch is more profitable than both the PS2 and the DS and sold more software than both. It's already won. The sales record is for the fanboys. 

Me saying the Switch has already overtaken the PS2 is definitely not irrelevant to you as you've already written 2 huge globs of text trying to argue with me and will soon put up a 3rd.

All PlayStations have essentially been the same. They just upgrade the graphical capability and add multimedia functionality.

Official software sell-in from Sony

Last edited by ShadowLink93 - on 22 June 2024