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Forums - General Discussion - Beware of scraping bots and keyword stuffing, Google neraly ruined my marriage

Last night my wife suddenly demanded to know who "Zoe" is. She's so upset she's physically shaking. I can't remember who Zoe is, she keeps asking who Zoe is. After a while my memory associates the name with video game visuals but I can't quite place in which game, just that is was a couple years ago. That didn't help.

She revealed that she was looking for a post I was about to make (about some Zelda related stuff, glitched horse hanging on a high wire) however I didn't post it yet and she clicked on more results. This shit turns up:

Those seemingly randomly generated links all link to malicious spam sites, mostly porn, mostly localized. It's different every time, she clicked on one and go a full blast of porn, meet locals in Brantford (town right next to us which is where location services put my IP address) and local porn chat sites. And the links make it look like I was a member there in 2021...

It looks like the content (my name and date) come from r/road96 where I posted for a while in September 2021.
Great little game, enjoyed it very much and even made a video about it

Yet wtf. Some bot scraped Reddit for keywords and put my username in there as well linking it to local porn.

Anyway all is good between my wife and me, mystery solved, but that was not a nice evening at all. Is there anyway to fix this? I reported the results page to Google, made a spam report as well and messaged the moderators at r/road96. No idea of any of that will lead to cleaning up my search results :/

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Man, this is messed up! Nice to hear you guys patched things up and are ok.

Yeah we can laugh about it now, but it was seriously messed up last night. I'm glad I could trace it back, yet the horrified look on her face last night will stay with me for a while.

You and technology seem to butt heads often lol.

Company sell your data to one another... as someone said once if something you are using is free them you (your info) is the product.

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BasilZero said:

You and technology seem to butt heads often lol.

I know lol. (Just a couple days I spend over half an hour trying to order from Subway... I don't have a smart phone, everything is apps now, so I had to install the online order app in Bluestacks after the normal order page kept bugging out. Should have just ordered there to save time...)

Anyway is this what AI is used for nowadays. Scraping bits and pieces off the internet, making semi coherent sentences out of it and serving up fake websites that get linked to by search engines?

These are not real sites, clicking on them generates random spam. They all end in .de .it .fr .pl coming from Europe.
Road96 is a French game, most of those fake links end in .fr There's AI logic behind this :(

I've been reporting these links to Cloudflare's abuse reporting tool for several days now, 11 in total so far. New ones keep popping up, so I reported Cloudflare to Canada's cybercrime spam division.

I guess this is a new type of spam since there was no option for this. I reported it as a spam email and put all the details in there, hopefully someone will read it. So far I've only had automated replies from Google and Cloudflare.

This doesn't seem to go away, it's just getting worse.
I've left 17 abuse reports so far on Clouflare and only more links keep popping up. Today I counted 16 when googling my name.

I made a report to the CAFC as well now, asking what the hell this falls under.

AI will destroy the internet first :/

Awareness of this hazard will become more important moving forward.

I searched your username on google and no bad shit comes up, did they clear it all up or I am wondering if its something on your local PC causing bullshit to generate in google on your screen only.

If you still getting weird shit maybe search on another device on another network where you are not signed in. See if same shit happening.