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Which type of mario game for the Switch is your favorite?

2D Mario (New Super Mario... 54 8.39%
3D Mario (Odyssey, 3D Wor... 409 63.51%
Fighting (Super Smash Bros) 32 4.97%
Mario + Rabbids (Kingdom ... 12 1.86%
Mario Kart (Mario Kart 8 ... 88 13.66%
Mario Party (Superstars, Super Mario Party) 10 1.55%
Mario Sports (SuperRush G... 2 0.31%
Paper Mario (The Origami King) 13 2.02%
Spinoffs (Captain Toad, Y... 24 3.73%

Wow, this was hard... but i voted for Mario 3D


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BasilZero said:

The 3D Marios.

The 2D Marios just havent been as fun ever since all they got is NSMB games.

Truth. I find the 'New' games to be fun multiplayer but pretty meh single player. Like if you go back and play the NES games and compare it to 'New', the NES games just feel soooooo much better to play.

I hope they start up a new (not 'New') 2D Mario series on Switch before next-gen that focuses on great one player gameplay and just has multiplayer as a cool extra thing, rather than the funness of the game relying on multiplayer.

I'm a sucker for 2D Mario games and Mario Party with friends (and alcohol)

I’m going to have to go with Mario Kart, I’ve played that multiple times more than all other Mario games combined on Switch. Not because I like the other genres less, just that for Switch it was all about Mario Kart. 

I did get crazy into 3D Mario on is Wii. And I did like the 3D Land and World games.

2D Mario games on NES are legendary and timeless for me as well. I still play Super Mario 3 almost once a year, and have done so for like…. 70 years?

Anyway. Bottom line is that Mario Kart 8DX and Switch were a match made in heaven. It is the greatest local multiplayer game in history (IMO!).

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As I've said before..... Nintendo systems NEED a great 3D mario game. Without one, the entire system feels like a let down.