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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Report: WB's TT Games cancels or backburners multiple projects to focus more resources on a new LEGO Harry Potter game

Signalstar said:

Lego Ghostbusters

Lego Fast and the Furious

Lego Back to the Future

I think all three of these would work well. 

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Signalstar said:

Lego Ghostbusters

Lego Indiana Jones (new one including the 5th movie)

Lego Men in Black

Lego Shrek

Lego How to Train Your Dragon

Lego Kung Fu Panda

Lego Fast and the Furious

Lego Back to the Future

The problem is, most of those IP are owned by other studios, thus far TT Games has almost exclusively used WB's own IP as well as Disney partnerships for standalone games, though they did partner with some other movie studios for IP's for usage in Lego Dimensions, so maybe they could make deals with some other studios. My thoughts on each:

  • Lego Ghostbusters- I personally would love this, but I'm honestly not sure if it's financially viable. For starters, Sony might demand Playstation exclusivity since they own the IP, we have seen them do this with Spider-Man in games. Even if Sony would allow a multiplat release, the IP is not what it used to be in terms of popularity, with the most recent movie only bringing in $204m at the box office, and only breaking even with DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital sales taken into account. It is at least getting a sequel so there is some hope for a revival of popularity since people are no longer hesitant of another Ghostbusters 2016 like failure. But even the best previous game in the series, 2009's Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and was basically the plot of the cancelled Ghostbusters 3 turned into a video game, only sold 3m copies lifetime.
  • Lego Indiana Jones with content from all 5 movies- Definitely a good idea imo. While the 2nd Lego Indiana Jones didn't sell anywhere near as well as the first, I still think there is financial viability here for a game with content from all 5 movies.
  • Lego Men In Black- Great idea, would love to see this one if a deal could be worked out with Sony to allow a multiplat release, especially if they can get alot of the original actors to voice their characters.
  • Lego Shrek/Kung Fu Panda/How To Train Your Dragon- I'm honestly surprised that TT Games never tried to make any deals to make games for Dreamworks' most popular movies. Maybe they did and they were rebuffed by Dreamworks. For whatever reason Dreamworks seemed content with just licensing their game rights out to random studios to make poorly reviewed video games, instead of trying to make a deal with a studio like TT that would have had an actual chance of success. Maybe now that Universal owns Dreamworks some kind of deal could be made.
  • Lego Fast and the Furious- This has some potential, but I'm not sure if modern TT Games is any good at making driving games, might need to partner with another studio that has racing experience. They did make some racing games in the past, but the last one was 18 years ago and there has surely been alot of turnover at the studio since then.
  • Lego Back to the Future- This one definitely has potential, BTTF was one of the IP that got levels in Lego Dimensions, the toys to life game that WB made to try and compete against Skylanders and Disney Infinity before the toys to life genre collapsed due to oversaturation of the market.

Worth noting that since Ghostbusters and Back to the Future were used in Lego Dimensions, WB would have access to data on how well those sets sold for Lego Dimensions in relation to sets from other IP.

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SanAndreasX said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I miss the days when they were coming out with Lego games for different franchises rather than rehashing the ones they've already done. That said, I can't really think of any franchises that would fit off the top of my head. Recent years have been pretty terrible for movies. Perhaps Lego James Bond? But even then I'd prefer it were based on the older movies rather than the new ones.

Not a fan of Lego games myself, but Lego Mario and Lego Zelda would work. Real-world Mario Legos exist.  It's probably something they could get Nintendo to go along with.

Maybe that Lego City game that was originally on Wii U burned them. I mean people in the industry still act like the Wii U informs how their games will sell on the Switch, like those Yakuza developers. 

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