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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PSN still hot garbage

So I finally get the whole family on board to play Minecraft Dungeons together couch co-op style. We race past the tutorial stage, "Application will be suspended in 15 minutes can't verify license". Ok that happens more often, like evry time I play GT7 it complains. We continue, do the wood stage or whatever it is called, then proceed to the tower, "Application will be suspended in 5 minutes". We get to floor 2 and thrown back to the dashboard.

Can't continue the game (did it save?), check network, all fine.
Into rest mode, start up again, doesn't work.
Restart console, can't start the game.
Restore licenses, counts up to 1100 or so (of 1497) then complains psn can't be reached.
Try again, hangs at 600.
Try again, hangs at 1100 again.

Reach out to Playstation support:

I'm sorry, it seems we're experiencing high wait times for our Support Agents at this time;
in order to more effectively assist you please contact us again at a later date.Our current hours of operation are 08:00 to 19:00 UTC -08:00
Is there anything else I can help you with today?

No use, all server status pages are green, all OK.
Check down detector

That does not look like everything is fine...

I deleted the game and now downloading it again, maybe that restore its license, probably not.
It's only 4GB but downloading takes forever, it's been on 6 minutes left for half an hour.
(The ps5 reported my download speed at 250 mbps, should be less than 3 minutes to download that)

PSN is still garbage.

Btw anyone know what exactly happens when I link my MS account to my PSN account (if I haven't done so before with Minecraft, can't remember, no clue how to check). It's giving me the ominous warning it can't be undone, permanent and might lose access to other Minecraft things? I don't understand.

Anyway should have gotten it on Series X, however my oldest wanted to play it with his friends so got it for PS5 (he plays on the one set to primary, hence all these issues with licenses) I guess we can play the Switch version, got the physical card there, just not any DLC.

Another day to further cement my distrust in online digital rentalship.

Edit: Download is finally done "Can't use this content, can't verify license" I just downloaded it from my account, dumb fucks.

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I feel you, not even been able to play offline is fucking stupid. Dont know wtf are they doing.


ClassicGamingWizzz said:

I feel you, not even been able to play offline is fucking stupid. Dont know wtf are they doing.

I don't get why it has to check every 15 minutes. It comes up frequently while playing GT7 digital version but so far has always managed to connect to the verify server in time. It cleared up an hour ago and we could play again, a different game, our kids had given up waiting long ago. So much for family couch co-op fun :/

What is the issue with Sony. Are they afraid I sell my PS5 and somebody can play the games I left on there for a day? Although they wouldn't get my account. The game was bought with my account, downloaded from my account, why can't I play it with my account without an additional 15 minute temporary license, renewed every 15 minutes...

It does it every time when I start a game since I often get "Please wait" which I know now is trying to contact the license server. It often times out and I have to restart the console to try again, even though I'm connected to PSN and everything seems to be working fine. Network test succeeds, game won't start. Restart PS5 and it usually works. Just frustrating. Digital games are a lot slower to start than physical ones because of this nonsense.

At least I have most games on physical, just annoying when playing a digital game together and getting booted or not being able to continue when we have time to play together.

you need to have psn+ on all accounts active

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kirby007 said:

you need to have psn+ on all accounts active

Not sure what you mean? I have ps+ active pretty much since the start. Hence 1497 licenses from always adding the ps+ 'free' games. But the other accounts have a simple psn account. They don't need ps+ to play couch co-op with me, don't even need it to play online together, or alone on the 'primary' ps5.

When we couldn't play together in the living room, my oldest went back to play Minecraft dungeons with his online friends on the 'primary' ps5, while the one in the living room refused to start the game at all. Once the license server started working again, I could launch Minecraft dungeons while he kept playing on the other ps5 without any issues.

Anyway my wife and I continued with Dragon's Crown Pro since the kids were both in different games with their friends.

Another mystery. My oldest can play with friend A and B online in p2p games, yet not with friend C. Friend C can also play with A and B, and that way my oldest and his friend C can play together. But if my oldest or friend C hosts the game, it doesn't work. (A and B can always connect). There is no issue with games that use an actual server like Rust, yet anything that's hosted locally is a problem.

We're going to try to swap the PS5s to see if that might help, but I suspect it's something in the network settings. My oldest and friend C could play together fine before C moved to Vancouver (other side of the country). So what changed, must be a network setting, but what.

It could be a time out problem of something. My son says it worked once in Terraria, C hosting the server, after trying for hours to connect. Hasn't worked since.

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Don’t you just long for ye olden days when you could just put in a game, flick a switch and be playing it?

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That sounds very annoying.

Kind of reminds me of Immortals Fenyx Rising where I always had to disconnect my Switch from the internet before starting up the game, because otherwise I would have had to create an Ubisoft account to play an offline game.

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