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ClassicGamingWizzz said:

I feel you, not even been able to play offline is fucking stupid. Dont know wtf are they doing.

I don't get why it has to check every 15 minutes. It comes up frequently while playing GT7 digital version but so far has always managed to connect to the verify server in time. It cleared up an hour ago and we could play again, a different game, our kids had given up waiting long ago. So much for family couch co-op fun :/

What is the issue with Sony. Are they afraid I sell my PS5 and somebody can play the games I left on there for a day? Although they wouldn't get my account. The game was bought with my account, downloaded from my account, why can't I play it with my account without an additional 15 minute temporary license, renewed every 15 minutes...

It does it every time when I start a game since I often get "Please wait" which I know now is trying to contact the license server. It often times out and I have to restart the console to try again, even though I'm connected to PSN and everything seems to be working fine. Network test succeeds, game won't start. Restart PS5 and it usually works. Just frustrating. Digital games are a lot slower to start than physical ones because of this nonsense.

At least I have most games on physical, just annoying when playing a digital game together and getting booted or not being able to continue when we have time to play together.