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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation 2023 OpenCritic Prediction League - Year End Results!

zeldaring said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

Reviews are still trailing in but things are looking good for Spider-Man at an impressive score of 91 so far based on 75 reviews. I'm noticing now just how consistent predictions were for this game with all but one person in the 88-90 range, but we did have one outlier (@Oneeee-Chan!!!) predicting 91. Time will tell if it holds.

i predicted 91 in the multiplatform opencritic thread, it already has 120 reviews on MC so OP should 91 should hold or go higher.

That's true technically. Wrong thread but guess I might as well add you

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Nice to see Spiderman 2 review that well. At 91 and with 117 reviews makes it a pretty sturdy score.

I believe that makes it Insomniacs first game to score in the 90's since Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal in 2004.

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Pretty much 90% of the reason I bought a PS5 so glad it seems to be living up to the hype. If anyone needs me this weekend, I'll be high as fuck playing Spider-man and Mario.

A great score for a game I've been antecipating a lot.

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Alright, alright since Spider-Man seems to have settled comfortably at a score 91 I've made the final point tally for the year (since Stellar Blade won't make this year), giving us our year end results. The PlayStation League didn't end up being particularly big this year with only 4 titles (should have included the Horizon DLC, oh well) but never the less, let's crown some winners.

On the podium for total points we have:

  1. @Jizz_Beard_thePirate (Captain Yuri) - 35 points
  2. @shikamaru317 - 29 points
  3. @TheLegendaryBigBoss - 27 points

The best prediction averages were: 

The highest number of closest predictions was also @Jizz_Beard_thePirate at 2 for Forspoken and Final Fantasy XVI. Might not sound like much but well it was half the games.

Finally the award for worst predictor goes to @UnderwaterFunktown with a measly 3.75 point average, lol wouldn't wanna be that guy.

Hope you enjoyed the league, small as it was. I will probably make another round of leagues for 2024 starting in january, stay tuned.

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2024 OpenCritic Prediction Leagues:

Nintendo | PlayStation | Multiplat

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2nd place, not bad.