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Forums - Music Discussion - Favorite Nu Metal (2000 band Metal)

Which ones where your favorite?

In Nu Metal I get alot europhoria hearing the Instrumentals of these.

I loved Distured they are Nu Metal and alternative Metal also like Korn 

Disturbed - Hell Instrumentals are very nice like 3:09 mark

Disturbed - Liberate, Too Amazing

Disturbed - Prayer, Amazing

Korn  BBK

Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere,Amazing

Korn - Freak on a Leash dante mix. I love the Instruments here.

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I grew up when all this was popular - I like a lot of stuff. Using nu metal as a bit of a loose term here:

The Union Underground
Limp Bizkit
Guano Apes
Coal Chamber
Linkin Park

And many more I'm sure.

I don't listen to them much anymore, but I like quite a few Korn and Limp Bizkit albums. Slipknot and Deftones also have a few songs each that I really like.

Disturbed was awesome! Is Rammstein considered nu metal? There were so many bands at this time, but I enjoyed more the second wave of nu metal that had your Papa Roach and Linkin Park.

My first ever concert was the Family Values Tour that my cousin took me too. I was waaaaaaay too young to be going lol, but it was an experience I’ve never forgotten. It was marketed as a nu metal festival, but the year that I went, I think it was just Limp Bizkit as the only actual nu metal band. 

Edit: Actually Linkin Park and Staind were there too!!! It was so long ago lol 

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I saw Deftones and Incubus a few years ago. It was one of my favorite shows but I don't think either identify as nu metal anymore (definitely not Incubus but they are still amazing).

I loved Powerman 5000, Linkin Park, static-x, Orgy, limp Bizkit, KoRn, fear factory, Disturbed, Mudvayne, and of course System of a Down. Oh yeah, also Poem by Taproot  was my song! 

I was more into punk but I loved those bands I listed.

Also, shout out to the Queen of the Damned soundtrack because that we immensely better than the movie (well aside from Aaliyah as Queen Akasha).

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Oh yeah! I somehow forgot about Kittie. They were badass

I think Kittie got better when they started moving away from the nu sound. I found their debut very hit and miss.

Staind was my favorite, saw them live 5 times over the years. Not so much a fan of Arron's country music these days, but huge fan of Staind.

I never was into nu metal all that much, but I always liked Puddle of Mudd. Though I'm not sure if that qualifies as nu metal, lol.

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I was definitely not much into nu-metal, though I did own the first two Coal Chamber albums. I really can't listen to them much anymore though. I was also into Fear Factory, but mainly Demanufacture. I felt the nu sound really started with Obsolete and went full nu on Digimortal (awful album).

Oh and for whoever asked the question above...Rammstein is definitely not nu metal.