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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should Nintendo try and seek out second-party start-ups (ala HAL, IS, Grezzo, etc.)?

Sogreblute said:
Manlytears said:

yes, absolutely. Nintendo should do more buyouts along the lines of Monolith software, I just hope they don't try to buy a publisher like they "apparently" tried to do with Bandai Nanco in 2003.

I don't like the idea of them buying "platinum games" and I find it difficult for them to buy Gamefreak, but they really should buy studios capable of improving Nintendo's technological capabilities, which, with all due respect, falls short when compared to the other two rivals...

Also, imho, no need to buy 2º party studios like Intelligent Systems, HAL Laboratory and others... these studios are almost "Nintendo dependent" they are not going away...

Which one? Bandai and Namco didn't merge until 2005.

Bandai, but this is old story, and never actualy happened....

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OneTime said:

Does Nintendo need to "go after" developers at this point? The Switch has sold 115 million. Developers should *want* to develop for Switch by now :)

If sales were all that got game developers and publishers on board, you'd think we would have Madden and COD on Switch at this point. 

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