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Put a few hrs into Hogwarts Legacy and boy, if it remains as good as it is for the full 1000G then it’s game over for anything else getting my GOTY this year.

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Barozi said:

Hogwarts Legacy is a hit! 86 Metascore.

Glad it didn't review bomb. Excited to play it (eventually).

I've been playing it all day, and I must say it is indeed very good. Great combat, great world design, great story so far, good graphics, good art design, great soundtrack. Has a few quirk though:

  • Ran into a few bugs, mostly graphical in nature, shadow flickering, parts of the world failing to load in during the short between area loading timers then popping in after you go through the door, etc.
  • There are no hide gear options so you're forced to choose between stats or looking like an absolute muppet at times
  • Can't seem to find any options for zooming out on the minimap, which is a bit too far zoomed in, and there is no detailed full size map either, for Hogwarts itself, which can make exploration a tad tricky
  • Doesn't seem like the game is very well optimized on Xbox at least. Most of the games so far this gen have had an acceptable framerate with a VRR monitor on Graphics mode, usually 50-60, but framerate on graphics mode in Hogwarts feels much lower than 50, probably just above 30, so I ended up having to switch to performance mode. Can't imagine how bad the framerate is on the graphics mode with Ray Tracing on if the no RT graphics mode is barely over 30 fps. Eager to see the Digital Foundry analysis of this one, suspect Sony hatted better PS5 optimization alongside their, timed exclusive content hat, but maybe PS5 has the same issue

As it stands, even with the quirks, it's already a strong GOTY contender for me, I like it even more than HiFi Rush and AoE 2 DE, but it could really become a strong GOTY contender if they fix some of my above issues with patches soon.

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Now that I'm done with Hi-Fi Rush, I designate February to be Yakuza Month!

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Ryuu96 said:

Now that I'm done with Hi-Fi Rush, I designate February to be Yakuza Month!


Just remember that 3,4, and 5 are older games. Don't play like 0-2.

I didn't care for 3, 4, and 5 when i went from 2 when i first played on ps. But did enjoy them a lot after I gave them a second chance on Xbox.">"><img src="

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