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As a Consumer Would You Rather?

Traditional Console + Everything Exclusive 22 44.00%
Xbox/PC Hybrid + Access t... 28 56.00%

Idas Said:

Sony needs more time to respond to the subpoena from MS: new extension until February 15th :p

Delays everywhere xD

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More delays than Skull & Bones.

VersusEvil said:

They say the orange box is being removed yet I haven’t been able to purchase that off the store for literally years (I have it on an older account luckily)

You have to buy it from this page:

Also have to use Edge browser on the Xbox Series/console or computer.

I do wonder how many people don’t realise it’s not Avalanche Studios (JC, Contraband) making Hogwarts Legacy but Avalanche Software (Cars, Rugrats, Hannah Montana) ahaha ……..

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Ride The Chariot || Games Complete ‘24 Edition

trunkswd said:

If the FTC needs to go after any company for a monopoly they should go after Ticketmaster. 

Or Disney

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Any good ones here? The first batch leaving gamepass in feb

was semi interested in crossfire at one point but haven't heard good things about it 

Idas Said:

Finally news from Australia: the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is engaging with overseas regulators but timeline remains suspended.

I guess they are the only ones sincere enough to say that they are waiting for the big ones to set the tone.

Jeff Grubb is now saying that The Coalition has cancelled their "smaller non Gears project" which was in the works to get them up to speed on Unreal Engine 5 before moving onto Gears 6. He says The Matrix demo wasn't that smaller non Gears project but they feel like they're up to speed on UE5 now because they worked on that so they have cancelled that smaller project, the studio has now fully moved onto Gears 6.

Bit disappointing but from the sounds of it, it would have been a very small project if its only intention was to get them up to speed with Unreal Engine 5 and The Matrix demo already did that, and honestly, if it was entirely only to get them up to speed with UE5, it would have likely been a one off thing with no intention of making it into a franchise, I think something along the lines of Project Mara.

The downsides of leaking stuff not yet announced, it was basically announced and cancelled by Grubb, Lmfao.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 02 February 2023

Disappointing if true, I really wanted to see how creative they can get making a new IP with no established lore. With that said i'm also pumped for gears 6, maybe they can return to the smaller project when gears is done.

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VersusEvil said:

I do wonder how many people don’t realise it’s not Avalanche Studios (JC, Contraband) making Hogwarts Legacy but Avalanche Software (Cars, Rugrats, Hannah Montana) ahaha ……..

I knew it was the formerly Disney Avalanche all along personally, ever since footage of Hogwarts Legacy first leaked in 2018. To be fair though, it's not really the same studio that it was when they used to make cheap kid games for Disney. After Disney shut down their entire Disney Interactive Division in 2016 in favor of licensing games to 3rd parties, WB acquired and re-opened them in January 2017 and convinced Disney to let them finish the Cars 3 games they had been making before the Disney Interactive closure. After Cars 3 released in late 2017, WB started the process of building them into a AAA studio specifically for the purpose of working on Wizarding World games under their Portkey Games label. Alot of the leads on Hogwarts didn't work at Avalanche under Disney, though some did, including the Game Director, the Head of Story, and the Head of Characters. Meanwhile the Audio Director/Lead Composer worked at Rockstar and EA briefly as a Game Tester and contract Audio Production Assistant respectively, before doing some VR games as a Lead Audio Developer, before ultimately joining the Hogwarts Legacy team. The Lead Cinematic animator didn't work on games beforehand, but rather at Pixar on movies they released between 2008 and 2018 including Coco, Toy Story 3, and Up. The Art Lead formerly worked at WB's Monolith on games including Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor.