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As a Consumer Would You Rather?

Traditional Console + Everything Exclusive 18 40.00%
Xbox/PC Hybrid + Access t... 27 60.00%
G2ThaUNiT said:
Ryuu96 said:

I imagine it could be something like a simple remaster of Blue Dragon on Xbox, PC, maybe Switch and PS in honour of Akira Toriyama

Would lowkey piss me off if that's what it took to get a remaster of Blue Dragon after all these years

It could also be that their new multiplatform approach makes these JRPGs more financially viable now.

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I can't handle my heart being ripped from my chest anymore. I'm going in expecting zilch, nada, zip, absolutely fucking nothing. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Skipped straight to 6, Lol. This developer and numbers. 😭

Ryuu96 said:

NateDrake said:

All I can say is I've heard whispers of what my gif implies but I don't have enough sourcing to verify it with full confidence at the moment.

I hope this is more than a simple remaster, whatever it is. Both are probably too dated after nearly 20 years for a mere remaster to build much hype, as they probably feel pretty dated (I'm told Blue Dragon feels super dated). Would need at least proper remake treatment, with graphical and QoL fixes, and even then I've heard Sakaguchi isn't a fan of remasters and remakes, so that seems unlikely. So hopefully we're looking at a brand new Blue Dragon or Lost Odyssey game, which could theoretically be possible since Mistwalker hasn't announced anything since they releases Fantasian in 2021, almost 3 years ago since Fantasian chapter 2. 

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What started out as just changing Steam's Big Picture Mode startup movie to be the original Xbox's bootup splash screen has led me down the rabbit hole of installing and configuring Xemu (Original Xbox Emulator) to installing TruHeXEn homebrew to have Xemu run the original Xbox Dashboard UI, to registering an original Xbox Live account with Insignia and now I'm playing Halo 2 exactly like it's 2004 again! Will probably load Jet Set Radio Future and Project Gotham Racing Later

I may buy a Hyperkin Duke controller just to complete the setup

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There's also always the potential for total surprises too. I've heard about some nostalgic announcements that should chase away the blues for classic Xbox 360 RPG fans

Here’s a crazy idea, how about we don’t hear about their multiplatform plans during this show …. let’s not turn the showcase into an immediate L please lol.

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Congrats to the Stallion83

The conference better be long, last year was so short, especially with COD/AC shadows appearing in the showcase.. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.