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Forums - Sales Discussion - Animal Crossing NH is now the best-selling game ever in Japan

deerox said:

I'm most impressed by Splatoon 3.

Dragon Quest is a legendary franchise in Japan, a series with a long 35 year legacy, a series that is so well known that it's almost synonymous with video games in the country.
And then Nintendo creates a franchise that can outsell every Dragon Quest game in just three weeks. How do they do it?


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By the end of the Switch generation the top five will most likely look like this.

#1 Animal Crossing: New Horizons
#2 Pokemon Red/Blue/Green
#3 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
#4 Super Smash Brother Ultimate
#5 Splatoon 3

The question I have is where will Splatoon 3 end? Does it have the power to move from 5th to third? I think MK8 will in the end just outsell SSBU by a little with Splatoon 3 taking the 3-5th position, I just dont know where it will end up.