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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fighting game thread backup(Tekken Pakistani Miracle video from Passports and obstacles in the way overcoming )

I'myourfather does look like T8 law

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This is gonna be one weird TWT Finals with 90% of the regulars and consistent players failing to qualify XD

Anakin, JDCR, Chanel, Kkokkoma, Saint, Chikurin, Noroma, Double, SuperAkouma, etc only have one more chance at the LCQ (The top 3 will qualify this time, so three of them have a decent chance). Arslan Ash, Nobi, and Rangchu may fail as well. But on the plus side, we have 3 Hwoarang mains qualifying (Yeonarang, Speedkicks, and K-Wiss) which certainly is rare!

I hope OBK and Piyohiko qualify from Japan (Though that would mean Nobi and Rangchu wouldn't). Arslan and Atif Butt deserve to qualify, but the whole model is a joke and it's entirely possible that neither of them will lol.

The Alpha from Pakistan scariest Jin ever (scary name too"Alpha") beat Demon Flip the best Josie in Pakistan in a set and we know Demon Flip trains with Malik Heera Best Steve in the world who beat Knee.

Nevermind found out pool.

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Just like Tekken 7 is not cross play, Tekken 8 will not be crossplay too because Harada loves sales he knows some of us will triple dip on Tekken 8 thats alot of money .

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Latif from Guilty Gear.

WOah, Tekken 7 top 8 Pakistan World Tour 2022,

Pool A has Arslan Ash, Qasim Meer, Kashi Snake upset Awais honey, Arc 

Pool B Heera Malik , Atif Butt. Khan evo second placer in tekken 7, Hammad.

All these players upset eachother. We still have other killer not there.

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Someone upset Dawood the Alisa that beat Knee feng.

Hammad is Heera Malik training partner so Hammad can make upsets big ones.

Spag rhe commentator from Pakistan says he made top 16 in Pakistan were Hammad beat Heera Malik. Anyway Atiff Butt destroyed Khan the evo second placer 2022 and Atiff Butt tough match with Heera Malik Its Atiff Butt Marduk its nasty