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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fighting game thread backup(Tekken Pakistani Miracle video from Passports and obstacles in the way overcoming )

Tekken Aura from Pakistan monster Asuka with amazing mod beating up a player close to Malik Heeera best steve in the world

He trains with Heera Malik the best steve in Pakistan and best steve ever, PC name is Demon Flip he's in Pakistan servers on PC

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Chun Li onlyfans played this Street Fighter 2 in first 2 minutes like a legenadary player from ancient times watch first 2 minutes starting from beginning.

I orgasm 0:38 till next 2 more rounds to finish e honda. 1:40 mark Big Brain playing with his meal.

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Fallen Champion from Pakistan has beaten Heera Malik the best Steve in the world, Fallen Champion is a Pakistan Devil Jin If you guys check That one Josie Pakistan Player from hell that trains with Heera Malik (demon Flip) he destroyed Fallen Champion today. Heres Fallen Champion beating Heera Malik best steve ever. Subscribe to Fallen Champion youtube channel for Devil Jin professional

Zakoota is up there with Heera Malik and others Pakistan monster players, Zakoota (asuka) was hurting Fallen Champion first to 10 , Zakoota is (asuka) from Pakistan

A master Raven USA just beat Phidx player who beat up Shadow20z in a tournament in grand finals few weeks ago, go to 1:25:00 mark to see That Master Raven 

I'm friends with Divine Exorist on PS4 he almost won Grand Finals today

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13:20 Landon (Law player USA beats SHadow20z today shadow use Claudio alot still lost but this means Landon is gonna be up there with rest USA at Evo 2023

0:59:00 mark Phidx beats Shadow20z again

2:11:00 Justin Iglesias beats Shaodw20z also 

This is a gauntlet players vs Shadow20z only

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Phidx youtube channel, He's asian and wants to be the best noctis player ever he's beaten Shadow20z alot and alot of big names He's represents america

Phidx, Far right Best Noctis in USA and will try to be best Noctis ever

CherryBerryMango from Korea destroyed Arslan Ash in first to 5. Arslan Can't adapt. Cherry Berry Mango stuffed arslan extremely extremely predictable Zafina twice then Arslan used kuni still got beat then finally Geese. Cherry Berry Mango destroyed Arslan Ash today

Everybody is evolving adapting super fast while few are in decline having a jdcr moment like when jdcr decline from lil majin, so is shadow20z and arslan ash declining just like jdcr decline