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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Game Pass to Reach 100 Million When Activision Games Are Added, Says Pachter

GamePass has been around on PC (a few 100 million gamers, billions of users) for over 5 years and we don't even know if it made 3 million active subs there, counting $1 subs. The vast majority of GamePass subs seem to come from the limited Xbox playerbase. Could a miracle happen and cloud GP eventually attract a large segment of mobile gamers? Sure, it's "possible"... but not more possible than Microsoft shutting down the entire service. Internet speeds and stability (essential for gaming, not so much for watching movies. Good luck joining a smooth CoD session over the cloud), the overlap between GamePass and console gamers, and the rise of subscription prices needed for sustainability are serious challenges/hurdles bums like Michael Pachter and Jez Corden don't understand.

Paid GamePass active subs will have trouble matching PS Plus's measly 47 million subs which was achieved by being one third the price, a requirement for multiplayer, affecting a much larger primary playerbase, and several years of consistent quality. For GamePass to hope to reach these insane numbers, Microsoft needs to pull its entire library off home consoles/PC and make it cloud exclusive... and even then, it's not guaranteed because the majority of console and PC Microsoft/AB/Zenimax fans will just find something else to play.

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I don't know if Cloud has enough potential currently for them to hit 100m this gen, but they will eventually reach that number I think, as improving internet infrastructure across the planet makes cloud a more viable option for gaming. This gen, I'd say 50-60m is a safer bet. Heavy hitters like Starfield and Diablo 4 in 2023 and the first CoD allowed to be day one gamepass by current contracts in either 2025 or 2026 will boost subscribers substantially. Elder Scrolls 6 has a chance of release this gen as well.

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