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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony's live service push - how do you feel about it, what would you like to see?

I think Sony is smart enough to realize that because of the time investment, most people who play service types of games are going to stick to a view, whereas people who play single player titles will generally play many in a given years. So, it doesn't make sense to make those types of games.

So, basically, while I prefer single player games, I'm happy that people who like other things can enjoy them. And I'm not particularly concerned about service games replacing single player games. I think companies that tried that route have already learned that lesson, and Sony presumably learned from those mistakes.

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Pig diarrhea covered in vomit.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I like live service games but I also want Sony to continue their SP games which sounds like they will continue to do.

I personally don't care too much what business venture a gaming company goes into, unless it's NFT related, as long as they still prioritize what made them big to begin with. Which it definitely seems like Sony is. I most likely won't play their live service or mobile games because I don't have the time to play a never ending game, Destiny 2 was my live service game for years and it was like a second job, and I hate mobile games lol.

Wish Sony best of luck on both of their endeavors, but I'll still be there for their marquee titles.

Depends on the platform, they don't mention which of those on mobile right? I'm more for actual story based games, adventures or otherwise and wish they'd invest in more smaller titles, similar to stuff Devolver put out but alas.

Hmm, pie.

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Not a fan of live service as a business model, I've spent my entire adult life trying to keep my monthly costs as low as possible. Phone plans, Office 365, streaming services, premium subscriptions for video services like youtube and Spotify, and games with running costs for the end user. I'm not exactly fond of entertainment's direction in the past few years. I might be a dinosaur, but that's fine. I was happy with Sony in the 8th gen since they actually poured a lot of time and effort into keeping traditional single-player gaming thriving (and, what's more, they were rewarded for it by some huge selling titles in their library).

Bandorr said:
Leynos said:

Pig diarrhea covered in vomit.

You seem to have a bit of a hit and run strategy going into these Sony threads.  You put so little effort into these posts later I'm going to ask you to actually put thought into what you write.

What do you dislike, why do you dislike it, what would you improve.

FTR I have a PS5 and I enjoy it. I have every Sony console ever made. Even love my PocketStation.

I've said it many times. I value ownership. This shit removes that. It's predatory.  I hate Jim Ryan tho. He's destroying a brand with greedy petty bullshit. From Jim Ryan shitting on old games. Backtracking Sony's message with PS4 about used games and not needing an online connection to play. He backtracked that with PS5. I do also have a disdain for Naughty Dog for many reasons I'm not getting into. Tho with that said even tho I only got it in March. I played my PS5 more than Switch this year.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Hopefully they are money makers for Sony so they can continue to make fantastic single player games. I personally won't be buying or playing any of the live service games, but I buy most first party single player games by them.

Either they Rise to the heavens or smack down to the pits of hell.

Players said nothing when online became payable many years ago instead of making it a huge and loud problem and now that most of the players are happily paying for online (that should have always been free) some people are surprised that every consoles have payable online and that they focus on multiplayer games? Come on, wake up! That was meant to happen and that's only the beginning.

You're not happy about that, don't buy these games which are made just to make us pay some bull' subs and buy mostly singleplayer games. Our money is what make them take decisions, you gotta realize that.