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Forums - General Discussion - Whats our/your backup the moment VGC gets cut loose?

Sorry if I am out of the loop, but why is VGC on “borrowed time”?

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I don't have a reason to be here, but I am addicted. I will probably get busier as I get older and drift away from the forum anyway. Eventually the site will die, but I won't move on to a different place. I always have something else that I could be doing.

Arguing is pretty pointless, which is what I see much of the discussion on forums to be. Not specifically this one, but just in general. I love to discuss and get hyped about big games coming out, but it's been a while since we had that opportunity. That's one of the main reasons I feel the traffic is pretty low these days. There just hasn't been any crazy news on the gaming front in quite a while. I'm guessing come September that will change when I expect we will at least have a Nintendo Direct.

I think that while the Switch and the PS4 are obviously on equal footing and history will judge them that way, the PS4 already achieved massive success before the Switch even showed up and the Switch has achieved its success during a stagnant time for Microsoft and Sony. In 2006 all three competitors were going head to head and all three were bringing something unique to the table. And, of course, there were very few places to have sales focused discussions.

Times have changed. I get much of my information these days from YouTube. The content creators there are doing such a good job of relaying the top news stories, providing great breakdowns of trailers, news tidbits, and rumors that looking to forums for information and discussion almost seems redundant.

I like this site for the graphs and charts. I like that many users have created their own long running graphs and charts that really put certain sales in perspective. That would definitely be missed and it isn't really something I see being done too much on YouTube.

So if this site ceased to exist (which, by the way, I don't see happening) I would have to do another internet search like the one that brought me here in 2006 to keep up to date on the latest sales figures. If said site also had a forum, then that would be cool. But honestly, I didn't come here for the forum. Just the charts.

gtotheunit91 said:

I noticed ioi was last online just a month ago. What kind of involvement does he have in the site anymore?

Just being honest from what I've seen over the years as a Mod and working a lot directly with Talon and other Staff, I don't see Ioi having much involvement at all in the site for years now, sure, he is still the owner and keeps the lights on and we have to gain permission from him to Admin someone but that's about all there is to his involvement now, Sales were handed over completely to Trunks, I don't think it really inspires confidence when the owner is never around, Imho, in all my years on the website I can probably count the number of times I've seen Ioi on my one hand, Lol.

One of the main issues, as I see it, I think we can only get so far with lowly paid Writers and Admins who aren't paid at all. We have had to rely on unpaid volunteers for years now to work in their spare time, for years we practically had nobody and the site felt like it was almost breaking apart, regularly going down, Talon did return and he did put a lot of effort in but the dude has a job and a life, I don't blame him for not being able to dedicate much time to unpaid work and now he has vanished again.

So when Talon vanishes who was the main dude responsible for the site development, we are pretty much fucked, until recently where us in the Mod team scrounged around the site for another unpaid Admin (Bandorr) and got Machina to email Ioi so he can grant Bandorr access to the site, thankfully he replied fairly quickly, that isn't always the case. But once again, Bandorr is an unpaid volunteer whose job isn't this sort of thing so he has had to learn a few things on the job and there are some areas he admittedly doesn't know much about yet.

Across the years, we've heard multiple complaints from users about various things, from the Ads to bugs to the awful Mobile version of the website and our response has often had to be "sorry, there is nothing we can do about it" because there often isn't, if we don't have regular Admins then there is times where bugs will go unfixed for long periods of time, if we don't have full access to the Ads then there's often times Ads can be a nuisance for months, I mean, those Ad complaints did go on for years and I don't know if they've been fixed or people just got fed up of complaining and all went to Adblock.

This site is in desperate need for a large scale Mobile revamp but none of the Admins have expertise in Mobile development, Talon hated it, I don't think we've ever had an Admin who was focused in the "Design/Looks" aspects of things so that's all just the team throwing stuff against the wall too and hoping it comes out nice, our Admins in the past have known how to make something work functionally but we're lacking a "make this look pretty" dude and always have. Imho, the entire site from top to bottom could do with a redesign, multiple functionality updates and a fresh marketing revamp (also minor complaint but ditch the Z for an S, Lol) I'm almost convinced that VGChartz needs a complete reset.

But who TF is going to do all of that? Lol.

Talon did a lot of great work but given how long in periods VGChartz can go without an Admin, a lot of the updates are "catching up" updates it feels like, fixing broken stuff, adding stuff that other sites have had for about 10 years already, Lol. Then we quickly become outdated again, one Admin is not going to help us catch up to the other modern sites when so much work has to be done. Imho we need like 3 Admins at minimum and one needs to be a Mobile designer we also need a graphic designer, a marketer, Imo VGChartz should be expanding to Youtube, Twitch, etc. But this is all hard, when a lot of it would be volunteer work and it's left to the Staff to try to scrounge for volunteers from VGChartz users, Lol.

That is one of the major issues with the website Imo but that isn't to say that there aren't other issues that need addressing cause there is, one is an issue that we can't fix, that being that forums are dying across the board, people have moved to Reddit, Discord, Youtube, etc. Another issue is VGChartz's reputation Imo but Trunks is putting in a lot of effort via Twitter to turn that around and make people know that we do things differently now. There may be nothing we can do honestly and slowly the forums just die out as the people who leave don't get replaced with new members but maybe the news section of the website can thrive because that does seem to be increasing in activity, Lol.

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@Ryuu96 all good points, but just wanted to clarify that the z in chartz wasn’t to be cool. It was because vgcharts was already taken by another website. It may not be now, but it definitely was at the beginning.

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super_etecoon said:

@Ryuu96 all good points, but just wanted to clarify that the z in chartz wasn’t to be cool. It was because vgcharts was already taken by another website. It may not be now, but it definitely was at the beginning.

My bad, I take that back, I thought it was one of those trying to be different things, Lol.

Honestly it's a very, very, minor 'issue' that I have so it can be disregarded, I just think "Charts" looks more professional than "Chartz" Lol.

Nothing to do if it's unavailable though.

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I've been coming to this forum since I was 14. I am going to be 29 in October. If it dies, then I don't think there is anything that would replace it. The only other places I am active on video game content are various subreddits.

super_etecoon said:

@Ryuu96 all good points, but just wanted to clarify that the z in chartz wasn’t to be cool. It was because vgcharts was already taken by another website. It may not be now, but it definitely was at the beginning.

And nextgenwars with the autoticker that kept updating every serveral seconds/minutes

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Out of curiosity, how much money does it take to operate a website like this on a monthly/yearly basis? avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Just look how long i been here. its the only forum i go to. If VGC died i honestly feel like id be heartbroken.