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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anybody stopped double dipping this year because food and gas prices skyrocketed?

There's times in life where gaming just has to take a back seat. I used to double dip, till I became a dad lol. Now with a toddler, I'm even more selective than ever when I choose a game I wanna play. And if the economy continues taking a turn for the worst, I just might have to start setting aside any luxuries in life in general as I have more important priorities.

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Sounds like inflation is encouraging you to make better financial choices. I always heard that those folks who went through the Depression really learned to be frugal and better manage their money.

Honestly, if money is tight, don't spend it on gaming. Video games are still a luxury hobby after all.

As for double dipping, I very rarely do it even when I have the funds to do so, unless its a very cheap price. I don't think its worth owning two copies of a game when there is so much to play. 

SegaHeart said:

...and my salad bowls are now $4 I hate California.I was about to quad dip on Sonic Origins but decided not too I aint spending $180 on all 4 platforms I only bought it once on Nintendo Switch shakes first on economy in USA. I stopped buying on most games because USA sucks now. since I aint saving $300 per month anymore just a measely $100 per month I decided to travel I'm not saving $100 per month that is not ok! USA fix this I already started using a free phone and not paid phone because of this economy. I have a strong mind and I know the prices for food will not stop increasing so I ditch 90% of my game spendings and put most of my eggs on travel on fun time before USA empties our pockets. And Gamepass Ultimate for Xbox One. everyday I used to pay for my lunch + dinner about $4 per day now it's 8$ per day 8 x 31 = 248 + tax.

Liveing on 8-10$ pr day, seems pretty normal for me (here in europe, DK). Same with paying about 4$ for a salad bowl.

Anyways... even before this, didnt really ever double dip on games.
Now with inflation and riseing food & energy/gas prices.. its not even a question.

I'm also the type that doesnt really do Day1, with games either, often buying them on sales if I can wait. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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I'm at a stage in life where time is my limiting factor and that actually pushes me more towards double dipping. I'm looking forward to playing TloU again, I know I'll like it, I know how long it takes to play through it, no time wasted on getting frustrated with a new game :/

The high gas prices are a bigger deterrent to go places, but Covid-19 BA.4/BA.5/BA.2.75 are still keeping us at home anyway. (My wife is in the vulnerable group and is still not fully recovered from BA.2) So games and movies are still the preferred way to 'experience' the world...

Food prices suck here as well, monthly grocery bills just keep going up. Compared to that games just keep getting cheaper... A couple years ago I could get a pack of frozen hamburgers for $9, now the same is on sale for $15. Bagged salad has almost doubled in price, same as eggs. Our inflation rate is pegged at 7.2%, lower than the 9.1% the US is at, but food prices are going up faster than that. In May 2022: Canadians had to pay much more for basic food staples, such as fresh fruit (+10.0%), meat (+10.1%) and fresh vegetables (+8.2%)

Anyway not much point compensating by buying fewer games as I've already been buying far fewer games due to time constraints to actually play anything :/

I only ever double dipped on games if I thought they might be worth something in the future. To keep one, open and play, and keep the other sealed. For example, I bought Zelda BOTW on Wii U to keep sealed and bought the switch version to play.

I don't think I've ever double-dipped. To me, it never made much sense because I'm a collector. Why do I need another copy? I already own a copy. And plus, I'm the type of person that wants to play games the way they were when they launched. I don't want to play a modern re-visioning of them. So there was just never a need for me.

Only $4 for a salad bowl?

Be lucky to get one here for $8-$10 USD ($13-$15 AUD)



I never double dip. Even my favorite games often don't get a 2nd playthrough, so I would have no reason to buy again.

Most recent "double dip" was spyro reignited trilogy. But it was a different enough experience and has been 20+ years since last played.