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SegaHeart said:

...and my salad bowls are now $4 I hate California.I was about to quad dip on Sonic Origins but decided not too I aint spending $180 on all 4 platforms I only bought it once on Nintendo Switch shakes first on economy in USA. I stopped buying on most games because USA sucks now. since I aint saving $300 per month anymore just a measely $100 per month I decided to travel I'm not saving $100 per month that is not ok! USA fix this I already started using a free phone and not paid phone because of this economy. I have a strong mind and I know the prices for food will not stop increasing so I ditch 90% of my game spendings and put most of my eggs on travel on fun time before USA empties our pockets. And Gamepass Ultimate for Xbox One. everyday I used to pay for my lunch + dinner about $4 per day now it's 8$ per day 8 x 31 = 248 + tax.

Liveing on 8-10$ pr day, seems pretty normal for me (here in europe, DK). Same with paying about 4$ for a salad bowl.

Anyways... even before this, didnt really ever double dip on games.
Now with inflation and riseing food & energy/gas prices.. its not even a question.

I'm also the type that doesnt really do Day1, with games either, often buying them on sales if I can wait.