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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy 7 Remake/Reunion/Rebirth; What is the last "R"?

I am going with Requiem. If you agree with it just say you do or if you want to submit another R going on ahead.

Requiem crew:

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Requiem sounds like a good name for part 3 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy.


Because hell yeah.

Requiem sounds good.

Reconciliation , Repentance , Remission or Redemption where they pull a Naruto and Sephiroth and Cloud become best friends thanks to


pulling a Talk No Jutsu.


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I'm one of those who thinks there not going to use a third "r" word to finish the trilogy lol

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Return of Lightning

I've seen many people throw around Requiem and Revengance as options. Maximillian dood on Twitch in fact predicted the next game would get the Rebirth subtitle and he ended up being right on that.

I think they are gonna name it after Clouds limit break. Final Fantasy Finishing Touch


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No, seriously, Requiem sounds good. Or maybe Resurrection.

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